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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Countdown to HP & the Half Blood Prince

Only a few more days to the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,the next-to-the last installment of the history making children's series. I just know that when I go to work today,I'll probaly be writing up some more pre-orders for it. Our store will be having a midnight party,just like the many other bookshops across the country(it's my day off so I won't be part of that) and it does give you some good cheer,even with the hecticness of the whole thing.

The fact that so many people of all ages all want to share a reading experience is pretty damn cool. Since my copy will be arriving after the 16th,I'm satisfying my fantasy need by reading InkSpell ,Cornelia Funke's sequel to InkHeart(it's an Advance Copy,the book will be out in October). I read InkHeart around the time that my dad died and it really helped me cope with his loss.

InkHeart is about a father and daughter,Mo and Meggie. Mo is a bookbinder with an unusual talent-when he reads a book aloud,characters and objects from that story appear in our world.
Unfortunately,the flip side of that is that people and things from our world pop into the book,sort of a twisted exchange program. Meggie's mother disappeared due to Mo's powers and became trapped in a book titled InkHeart,while a fire-eater called Dustfinger was stranded in this world along with the villians of the story who persue Mo to release a more dangerous being from the story .Meggie winds up going on a quest to save him. Funke's first book released in this country was the Thief Lord(which I have yet to read)which has been described as "Oliver Twist in Venice" and most recently,came out with Dragon Rider. She's not quite in the J.K. Rowling league but she has a big following in her home country of Germany and in Europe with a growing fanbase in the US.

One of the great ripple effects of Rowling's success is the opening of doors for many good writers of fantasy for young people that appeal to adults as well. When I went to BEA,the line to meet Lemony Snicket was HUGE,like the lines to a DisneyLand ride. It literally went to the back of the building(and this was at the Jacob Javits Center,so hopefully you get a sense of the size here). I love the Series of Unfortunate Events but that line was too much for me. That I live in a time where writers can get superstar treatment is pretty sweet.

So,while you're waiting for HP,check out InkHeart(it's in paperback)-what could be more fitting than a book about the magic of books to tide you over for your next Potter fix?

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