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Friday, July 08, 2005

Save Harry Potter from the activists!

Just read an article in the NYT about enviromentalists encouraging folks to buy the Canadian edition of the new Harry Potter instead of the US one because Scholastic doesn't use enough recycled paper for their books. Sigh-can't people just have something to enjoy without agenda driven manipulators spoiling the fun? Bad enough that religious groups attack poor Harry , claiming that the books are "satanic"(which justs shows that none of them have read the books at all-my mother's only seen the film versions and doesn't see how anyone could find HP a bad influence),now the Poison Ivy brigade has to hop on the Hogwarts Express to gain some publicity for their cause(and extra revenue for Raincoast Books,the Canadian publisher of HP).

I know J.K. Rowling supports using recycled paper but I doubt she would want anyone to boycott any edition of her work and Scholastic does use some recycled paper but not enough to please some people. I'm going to suggest something here-if you really want to have Half Blood Prince and do something meaningfull with the purchase,buy the UK edition. Show some support for what the folks in London(and the entire country)are going thru right now by boosting the UK sales of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Sure,you won't get the book on July 16 but you will boost the British economy and isn't that a meaningfull gesture?

I'm getting the UK edition(ordered it months ago,mainly because I just wanted a Brit copy)and have toyed with getting the US one as well but,you know what? I'm gonna wait for the Bloomsbury kids copy and if Amazon UK is smart,they'll sent up a fund to help those families injured or suffering loss from the bombing by encouraging their customers to spend X amount of money on certain items ,with a portion of the sales going to support the fund.

Not going to get politcal(that stuff is bad for my blood pressure)but even if you get Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince from your local B&N,don't feel guilty about it. In times like these, people need to let off some of the tension in a positive way-all work and no play makes Jack Nicholson grab an axe and attack Olive Oyl in the bathroom,not a good thing!

In all seriousness,look at it this way-Harry Potter is one of the few things that actually unites people worldwide,sharing the story of a young man's journey to adulthood thru a changing and chaotic reality-if that's not a good thing,I don't know what is.

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