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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Smallville and Sunnydale hook-up

Woo to the MF hoo! I just looked at Kryptonsite(the best website for Smallville fans)and they have big news: James Marsters is joining the cast as Brainiac next season! I'm as happy as a kid on Christmas morning,people. As a huge BTVS fan,Spike has been my favorite bad boy on the series(and loved his stint on Angel season 5 as well). Seeing JM play another great villian is a joy to behold(Yes, I know that James Marsters is not really Spike and no,I don't have any fanfics written about him...did have an idea for one about Spike & Vampire Willow but refuse to go there for the good of all mankind),especially on this show.

I got into Smallville after Buffy was finally off the air-had seen the pilot episode(and the Christopher Reeve first appearance)but since both shows were on opposite each other,I had to stay loyal to the Scoobies. I did watch the premiere episode of Season 3,when Clark was on Red K and being a very badass farm boy out in Metropolis-had to admit,I thought seeing the dark side of Superman was pretty cool. I bought the S1 DVD to catch up and have become a fan of the show ever since then. It helps that I know a couple of Smallville watchers who helped me understand a few things(like why Clark ran away in the first place).

One of the best things about this show is that it makes Superman more accessable-some call it the Marvelization of the character but by focusing on Clark the average guy(so to speak)and slowly developing the hero he will become,gives you more of an interest and empathy with the character. Also,the casting has been great-the actors work so well together that suspension of disbelief comes easily(even with the Lana possessed by a witch storyline)to the audience.

Tom Wopat will be on the show,too-bit of a Dukes of Hazzard reunion there. What I look forward to most is seeing JM act with Michael Rosenbaum(yes,I do love "Sexy Lexy")-two of my favorite bad boys together....oh,and you can use the link in the title of this post to find out more about next season's Smallville. I have such a villian jones,it's too sad for words.


Jay Six said...

This will get to FINALLY watch Smallville, although probably not religiously. I will happily watch Marsters chew scenery as Superman's coolest villain ever.

lady t said...

Tell me about it-I look forward to hopefully seeing JM and MR chomp scenery side by side..bliss,sweet bliss!

James Marsters will show up by episode four,according to the info at Kryptonsite(those guys are amazingly accurate),so remember same bat time,same bat channel:)