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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Harry Potter rocks and rolls!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly(the best pop culture magazine ever,despite the annoying Lisa Schwartzbaum and her condescending reviews),I have discovered an interesting new rock band,Harry and the Potters. It's fronted by two brothers surnamed DeGeorge who have written songs about all the HP books and are now on tour(click the title link for concert info). I went to their MySpace spot to hear some of the tunes and I can see why"Save Ginny Weasley" is a fav with lyrics like these"Are you afraid to walk the corridors/are you petrified of being Petrified?"

Fandom like this just touches the dark cynicism that occassionally occupies my soul(ok,could that line be any more mall-gothy?). I've heard of Star Trek bands and the like ,but this amazes me with it's homemade charm and pure love of the storyline. I usually try to avoid most of the fansites due to the Wacky Faction which sucks the fun of shared fandom right out of you in a
Dementor-like fashion.

Yes, I'm talking about fanfic-I use to check out the GodAwful forums for laughs but some of the stuff that people love to write about is too damn much:how many times can you use rough sex,incest and crappy sentence structure to make a story new? My Little Sis has a friend who
loves the Harry Potter series(Sis has only seen the movies)but hates the fanfic crowd that insists on writing stories about how everyone wants to bone Draco Malfoy and turn Ginny into
an evil shank.

Now,I'm a card carrying member of the Villian Fangirl Society but people,please....Draco?!? Come on-Draco is a total punk bitch with no guts or backbone. Also,while I enjoy the turn the
good hearted side character into a major baddie hat trick(Season Six Willow,anyone?),just
because you can doesn't always mean you should.

I think there should be a Fan Fiction Anonymus-"Hi,I'm Mary Sue and I think that writing my own personal fantasies into a popular TV show/movie/series of books makes me a real artist just like Hemingway or Madonna". That should be greeted with"It's NOT OKAY!"(so,I like that bit from Straved,don't smack me!)and members should be made to recite this creed:

I am not___(Joss Whedon,J.K. Rowling,etc)and while I may have some talents,storytelling is
not one of them.

Some fantasies are personal and DO NOT have to be shared.

Just because I find gay sex to be interesting does not mean I should use it for cheap thrills and neither should I use the following for the same reasons:incest,rape,cannibalism,sex with animals,corpses and/or edibles(the list of freak stuff is too long to go into here).

If I don't know how to spell a word,I will find another word that I can spell to use instead.

I will learn the basics of grammar and how to use a dictionary.

If I wish to be a real writer,I must learn to create characters and concepts of my own and not use other people's work as an excuse to act out my demented sock puppet theater of the mind.

Well,it would be a start in the right direction. Meanwhile,enjoy"The Wrath of Hermione",a definate must-listen.

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