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Monday, August 08, 2005

Studio Shenanagans and why the Traveler is going nowhere

The NYT had a story in the Arts section over the weekend about the making of the Da Vinci Code movie;seems the studio powers-that-be are wussing out and trying to make script changes in order to get "Passion money" at the boxoffice. The biggest change they want to have is to dilute the main premise(which even a non-DVC fan like me knows):that Jesus had a child with Mary Magdalene who was to be the true Holy Grail and that Mary was to run things but was upsurped by men who wished to dominate the Church(a theory that's been around even before the book came out and has some scholarly backing).

First off,I didn't read the Da Vinci Code-had a copy but never got around to it,it's one of those books that are so trendy you'ld rather not bother with it. I have nothing against Dan Brown's books but he just doesn't seem like my cup of tea. However,it is real damn stupid of the studio to think that the same audience that went in droves to the Passion of the Christ(one of the best gore films I've ever seen-saw it while attending a horror convention and it put me and my friends in the right mood,let me tell ya)will flock to a castrated version of DVC. Even the consultant person they went to said"Are you kidding me?" Granted,this is a Ron Howard
movie with Tom Hanks in the lead so they're bound to gloss over some part of the story but mark my words,screw with the main premise and you'ld better be prepared for the massive backlash that will ensue. You have been warned,Sony.

Also saw a story in Yahoo entertainment news about why the book The Traveler is a great big flop;one theory is that the mysterious author, John Twelve Hawks, who lives"off the grid" not being available to do a promotional tour hurt sales. That's part of it but the main reason the book hasn't done any major chart climbing could be due to the overpromotion by the publisher and the fact that it's a hokey sci-fi fantasy conspiracy mess. I overheard the sales rep trying to sell my boss on this sucker and he was floundering around for a way to explain the plot. My boss even asked me about it while the rep was there(I had heard of it but wasn't worried about having it in the store)and wanted to know why I didn't order some for the store(I do that from time to time-if it's something we don't have and should,I'll put it on order with our supplier).

I faked them out with"Well,I was waiting to see if any of our customers requested it"-truth of the matter was,I didn't think anyone would want to read it. We have a small area of customers and not alot of sci-fi people(despite the college crowd within the vicinity),not to mention the story sounds like luke-warm Carlos Castenada mixed in an X-Files sauce of silliness. I mean,
having the last of a ancient warrior race called "Harlequins" doesn't strike me as badass,it makes me think of killer clown girls who hang out with the Joker.

Not to mention,gee ,there are two brothers who share"traveler" powers,this isn't going to be some Cain and Abel,one good and the other bad kind of deal,is it? No,it can't be THAT obvious!
Now the Traveler,I might actually read because Gods know these days,we need a good laugh.
Heck,reading out some of the chapters of the new Anne Rice Jesus novel with Little Sister made for quite a few funny moments(that's another tale for another time). Anyway,turns out I was right-did order The Traveler and we haven't sold a copy yet. The Historian,however,(a book that I knew was good and made sure we had in stock)has sold at a good clip and hit the best sellers lists around the country. When you want escapist literature,classics are a nice base to start from and Dracula is prime real estate.


Jay Six said...

I felt the exact same way about DVC. As soon as everyone in the world started reading, I felt no need to. Besides, with everyone talking about it and giving everything away, who needed to read? Sucks that the studio might back away from the backbone of the freakin' story. Why even call it an adaptation?

lady t said...

I think the lawyers make them call it an "adaptation"-the better to get paid with,my dear! Seriously,they do this crap all the time-Hannibal is a great example,in the book Claire teams up with the good doctor and they become a gruesome twosome but all the feminists freaked out about that so I was not shocked about the noninclusion of that for the film.

Another book,btw,I that feel no need to read due to the fanfare is The Kite Runner-it might be good but it's just too damn trendy right now.

Jay Six said...

About the only thing I haven't been scared away by the masses buying it in droves is the Harry Potter, although I'm waay behind on that series (ahead of the movies, though!). Of course, as you know, I am a geek. Magic? Spells? Try and keep me away. Vampires and superheroes are the only stronger addiction for me...

lady t said...

You are talking to the Geek Queen,m'dear-there is no higher,sucker MCs call me Sire!:) Harry Potter is a good trend to glom onto(I like the LOTR movies but only read the Hobbit)

Speaking of vampires,check out my Once Bitten entry-a must see and cringe for vampire fans.