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Friday, September 23, 2005

Corpse Bride Cometh

Just got back from seeing Corpse Bride(Little Sister was not interested so I went solo)and if you were wondering if it lives up to all the great reviews,I can assure you that it does indeed. The story
of Victor Van Dort,his intended bride Victoria and his unexpected soul mate Emily,the Corpse Bride, is lovingly told in what looks like an Edward Gorey illustration come to life with it's pencil
thin or stout bell shaped figures,gothic scrawling ironwork and darkly lit settings.

Ths musical numbers are not as elaborate as the ones in Nightmare Before Christmas but neatly
done and quite lively,particularly in the Land of the Dead. The voice cast is mostly English(thought
I recognized Richard E. Grant in the trailer and I was right!)with the exception of Johnny Depp of
course. It's really hard to imagine anyone else doing justice to the character. Bonham-Carter is stunning as the title bride(can you believe Tim Burton made her audition for the part?) and Emily
Watson's Victoria was smashing and had alot more to do than I had heard from the reviews ,plus
one of my co-workers who went to a sneak preview of CB(he loved it-said he would pay money
to see it again).

So,that's one fall movie checked off-plenty more to go! Also saw the new Harry Potter/Goblet of Fire trailer and I'm sooo looking forward to that-things are going to change,that's for damn sure.


FB said...

Cool. I'm glad it's good. I don't like the commercials much. trailers suck so bad these days. They just package them to look like something else that was already successful. That's why it looks like a retread of Nightmare. But glad to hear it's not.


Just leave zebra hybrids young bucks.

lady t said...

I just wish it did better than second place at the box office...guess more people wanted to see Jodie Foster freak out on an airplane.

word verify:

Xena,Save Vera from the Ugly Goth FireFighter!

Jay Six said...

I think it'll have legs. The Halloween season and Tim Burton movies are made for each other. In L.A., they'll be showing The Nightmare Before Christmas next month for a while - across the street from Grauman's where they're showing CB! That actually could help business, I think.

Oh, and I need to link to your review from mine - you got yours first, after all...:)

lady t said...

Link away,my friend:)