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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Times may be Grimm but this movie is not

Like everyone near a TV this past week,the plight of the victims of Hurricane Katrina has brought on heartbreak,frustration and a need to help(you know where to give support to, http://www.redcross.org). Despite all the blame game BS that's been going on(Kayne West is about as much of an expert on the situation as Martha Stewart is on guerilla warfare),people are still out there,doing good to their neighbors and they are the real heroes.

For the rest of us,a mental health break is needed and I recommend The Brothers Grimm as a great diversation this holiday weekend. I know the reviews have been harsh but then again,if
ever there was an artist misunderstood in his own time,it's Terry Gilliam. TBG is not his all
time best(that would be 12 Monkeys,IMO)but this flick is a good way to introduce someone to
Gilliam's style of offbeat elaborate storytelling. He cast Damon and Ledger against type,which
works out very well-Ledger is perfect as the dreamy-eyed bumbling half of this erzatz con team
while Damon's charm suits the Scully side.

The settings are belivably Old World and Peter Stomare's performance is one of the fun parts(Little Sister didn't even recognize him from Constantine and I agree with her about his chameleon like abilities)of the show. Since one of my favorite fairy tales is Snow White(love the Disney version of the Wicked Queen),I particularly enjoyed Monica Bellucci as the Mirror Queen. Her costumes,the top tower room drowning in cobwebs as she lies in withered crone mode while her beautiful reflection seduces men(watching Heath Ledger getting sexed up by a mirror is quite surreal)and her final destruction are hauntingly memorable images but not the
only ones worth recalling.

The capture of the girls,the torture chambers of the occupying French(complete with musical quartet),a forest on fire being put out by magical breath and Matt Damon licking a toad are only
some of the highlights of this film. Damon and Ledger have good chemistry as brothers and Lena Hedley as Angelica,the forest guide who attracts the both of them,gives a good performance as well. So mellow out with some fairy tale antics and remember:trust the toad!


Anonymous said...
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FB said...

The Evil Queen Rocks. She's so my favorite. I just don't know why my friends gave me that as a nickname.

lady t said...

FB,all I can say is great minds think alike:)