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Monday, September 26, 2005

Toni Collette Fans rejoice!

Finally,there is another In Her Shoes poster that actually has Toni Collette front and center(check out the title link)-I spotted it at the Yahoo Movies listing and went to get a nice big version for your viewing pleasure! Guess Toni's agent decided to throw some weight around and get her some
proper promotional pics. Also,some of the IHS commericals are focusing on Shirley MacLaine's
character(don't want to leave the Golden Girls out)so everyone's getting a slice of the publicity pie.

This is nice to see. In other news,I'm getting very interested in Veronica Mars(and not just because Whedonverse folks are popping up on the show)-Little Sister has a friend who sent her
the first season of VM on a computer-viewable-only disc and I've watched a few episodes with
her. Kristen Bell apparently auditoned for the part of Chloe Sullivan on Smallville,which explains
the eerie Chloe-ness of her character. She's like a doppleganger for Alison Mack,scary.

I like what I've seen so far-good,character driven show with smart and funny dialogue,plus
interesting cast choices such as Kyle Secor("Homicide:Life on the Street") and Harry Hamlin.
Charisma Carpenter will be appearing this season and she'll share an episode with Alyson
Hannigan(reprising an earlier appearance)-Willow & Cordelia reunion! Ok,I like that Buffy
peeps are appearing on the show(even Joss Whedon's making a cameo)but I can see why-
not that many strong female leads treated with intelligence and wit around on Tv land these days. Little Sister has dropped hints about getting the official DVD set and I may wind up
doing that next month.


Jay Six said...

Veroncia Mars is one of those shows I think I'm going to pick up on this season. I watched some of it last season and I really like Kristen Bell (loved her in Reefer Madness!!!!)

I love Toni Collette. I am so there. I've known it ever since they actually started showing her in the commercials.

lady t said...

Even tho I never heard back from Jennifer Weiner(who's touring for both IHS and her new book,Goodnight Nobody),I'm glad that someone listened to the Toni fans and minimized the promoting of Cameron Diaz's ass.

Kristen Bell was in Reefer Madness? Didn't know that and I actually watched part of that movie once...was
she Mary Jane?

FB said...

She was MAry Lane. The good girl girlfriend of the main guy played by Christian Cambell. She's just that talented.

I love Toni Collete!!!! She'll always have fans. Women and gay men love her for that one movie. Plus all the others. She's a great actor.