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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hot off the presses!

This just in-I was interviewed today by L.A. Times reporter Maeta Gold in regards to the Quills Awards(guess I was Googled!)and I should be qouted in an article due this weekend. We spoke via cellphone and hopefully,I said something real qoute worthy. I plan to link the article as soon as it becomes available online.

For anyone who cares,my real life name is going to be used but not the name of my store(gotta
hold off the papparazzi somehow)and fingers crossed,my humble blog may be mentioned. Most
of what I said to her is in my book awards post but I did drop a Desparate Housewives reference
off the top of my head so we'll see what will survive the editing process.

Back to your regularly schelduled blog,already in progress.

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