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Saturday, November 12, 2005

And the Truly Bad Writing Award goes to.....

I must share the pain here,folks-someone not only let Nicole Richie write a book but decided to
publish it for all and sundry. More than one website has gleefully linked to the except available
at the Harpercollins website(and so have I,for your viewing displeasure). I did actually see The
Truth About Diamonds in a bookstore(not mine but some fan of the Simpleton Life will no doubt
ask about/order it)but since I stayed a good safe distance from it,I didn't realize it was alleged
to be a novel.

Like I've said before,reading for fun is a valid choice but in cases like this,the only fun you could have
from this stillborn story is the joy of recommending it to your best enemy-"Yeah,it's pretty good.
I think Oprah might have her on this week"*evil snicker* I had a cousin who worked in the PR
dept at HC but left due to disgust(he said)at the stuff the publisher was putting out. Harpercollins
isn't the only one out there filling the shelves with celebrity crap but this is NOT their Best Week Ever.

Not all celeb books are bad-Jamie Lee Curtis and John Lithgow can write very well(too many
celeb authors steer towards children's picture books,especially comedians who recycle old
stand-up routines )and Bruce Campbell's novel"Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way" has gotten some good feedback. However,it's the Madonnas (what fool thought giving her a seven book deal was a great idea?)that get the big deals and the co-op do-re-mi that hog the ad space
and shelf life of books that deserve a better break. Next thing you know,Pamela Anderson will
be working in a bookstore on TV and ......oh,wait-as Emily Litella used to say"Nevermind"!


Jake McCafferty said...

Just being able to spell "diamonds" without inserting a "z" somewhere seems to be an accomplishment for her.

lady t said...

I was curious about whither Nicole wears that tiara to booksignings but thanks to the ShowBiz Show,I have my answer(no)!

Best question:"Nicole,have you read your own book yet?"