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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Harry Potter gulps down the Goblet of Goth

So,last week Little Sister and I ventured forth to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where we sat thru a good number of trailers(not the Superman Returns trailer but I saw that one during the last Smallville so I'm good to go)and listened to the annoying girls in the back of us complain about the movie starting late-"I've had a rough day,I'm at the end of my string!"(it was about twelve noon so you can see why I have
my doubts about her"hard day").

The main turns of the story involve not only Harry's interest in girls but the return
of Lord Voldemort(well played by a nearly unrecognizable Ralph Finnes)in a very dark
sequence that felt just right. The movie is well done with key plot points hitting
on cue and the F/X was great as always. I did feel a bit less entralled than I have
with the films but that maybe due to the choice of director this time out.

Mike Newell's a good director but his strengths are more character based than visual
which shows in many of the one on one dialogue scenes and in the humor. I loved the
study hall bit where Snape prefects his head slapping routine(plus,the Weaselly Twins
are incredibly hilarious-who ever cast those two was bloody brillant)and the Ron-Hermione fight during the Yule Ball had a nice ring of Degrassi to it. But,even
tho,the TriWizard tasks were great and the Voldemort scenes chilling,I felt the
visuals needed more oopmh.

I do recommend the movie but I should probaly watch it again-part of my reluctance is
most likely due to building it up in my own mind. Plus,maybe I'll get to see that Superman Returns trailer onscreen(not that I need an excuse...)

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