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Friday, January 06, 2006

Popping corn at the trailer park

Even tho August is offically Bad Movie Month,The midwinter season has plenty
of putrid plums to offer up at the boxoffice. Instead of rehashing what's
currently rotting on the vine(Grandma's Boy,anyone?),let's look to the
future and see if there's any hope on the horizon:

Catch and Release:This flick is due out in April,starring Mrs. Ben Affleck
as a bride to be whose wedding plans went sour and now she's doing the self
discovery thing. Looks like your typical chick flick and since it looks way
less dippy than 13 going on 30,I'ld give it a chance(Little Sister would
rather eat a salad first-she hates salad,claims it's like dining on leaves).
Also,any movie that gives Kevin Smith a supporting role(you just know that
Violet and Harley are going to have playdates) even trapped in tie dye hell,
is worth a look.

Marie Antionette:The Kirsten Dunst biopic is due in the fall and the trailer
is rather attention-getting;it's like watching either a very hip promo for
the History Channel or the MTV version of PreRevolutionary France. Granted,
this is a Sophia Coppola movie and that the sets and costumes look properly
period yet this flick has an odd duck feeling to it. Should be something to

Bubble:I checked out this trailer for the upcoming Steven Sodebergh film at
Apple trailers and not only is weird(numerous shots of doll parts)but looks
more like an opening credits sequence than a trailer. I'm all for not giving
away the plot but you gotta give me something to work with here,people!

Lady in the Water:Both Little Sister and I have seen this promo for the new
M.Knight film and agreed that it looks good. Nice intriguing set-up,keeps
the element of mystery going without being off-putting and Paul Giametti
as the star,I'm already waiting on line.

X3:I'm of two minds about this:the trailer does have some kick-ass moments
(Dark Phoenix,yes!)and I adore Ian McKellan as Magneto,however the change
of director has me concerned. Also,I suspect that Halle Berry's big contrib
-ution to the story is her new haircut. We'll just have to wait and see.

V is for Vendetta:This film has been delayed due to the dark political plot
and Alan Moore(the writer who created the graphic novel on which it's based)
has denounced it(then again,he hates any adaptation of his work)but I have
seen the second trailer for this bad boy which makes eager to slap down
some cash to watch this afternoon delight unfold on the big screen. Go
to the offical website linked in the title and mourn not the cinema slop
being tossed out to the masses but rejoice in the glory yet to come.


Jay Six said...

The geek half of me is excited because Kelsey Grammar is a great choice for The Beast. The gay part of me is excited because Ben Foster's Angel looks to steal me away from my Shawn Ashmore as Iceman crush. However, the story and rush job to compete with Singer's Superman Returns concerns me. But tease me with any Phoenix story and I'm in. So I'll be there.

lady t said...

I find Shawn Ashmore to be appealing also but he's way too young for me so that's out. I agree on Grammar as Beast but would be more interested in Angel if Apopcolypse was one of the Big Bads(would also love Mr. Sinister as well).

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