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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idoling away

So,now that the fun part of American Idol is over(the audition process,that is. Who doesn't love the thrill of truly bad singers who have not a clue just how bad they are?),we get down to the nitty-gritty with the voting. It was ladies first last night and to simply things,I'm just going to pick my Top Three Best and Worst Contenders to date:

The Best in Show

1) with a bullet is Paris Bennett;she's been one of my favorites from the auditions and a safe bet would be that she makes it to the finals. She may be a sweet 17,with a Rudy Huxtable speaking voice but when she sings,a real Motown Mama steps forward. Granted,she's got the legacy factor(her grandmother was in Sounds of Blackness)but the talent is all her own doing.

2)Mandisa-first off,she did justice to Heart's "Never" which puts her in my good books(the Wilson sisters rule)and I liked the way she called Simon out the other week for his cracks about her weight. Mandisa has a strong personality but she's not a drama queen-that honor belongs to another-and we need singers who will not just pick ballads or Stevie Wonder songs. Last season,there were too many damn people going thru Wonder's entire catalog and it made you want to throw rotten veggies at the TV screen.

3)Lisa Tucker-Her version of "I'm a-changing" sounded like a night out in a cool little jazz club,with it's smoky stylings. Lisa seems like the Little Engine That Could here-not flashy but one to definately watch.

Worst on Stage

1)Brenna-she has the kind of attitude that even the most flamboyant of drag queens would find slapworthy. Also,she keeps trying to shake her booty even when it's not a song to groove to. I will be so happy when she leaves the show.

2)Heather Cox-I know this is mean but her name sounds like a porn star's. Her singing doesn't impress me very much either,which is why the most I can recall about her is my lame porn star joke.

3)Stevie Scott-Simon was spot on when he said she sounded like a child singing at a party(one of the harshest statements of the night). Her voice was so reedy that at the start of her song,I thought something was wrong with the volume on my TV.

The fellas will be on tonight and hopefully,there'll be some compettion. At this point,the girls have some heavy hitters on their side so someone better atleast score a base hit,if not a home run to keep hope alive.

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