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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Tonight,the Grammy awards will be presented live and as Rhett Butler would say,frankly my dear,I don't give a damn. Why? Well,for one thing I'm not the most consistant music lover-it's a rare thing for me to play an entire album for my listening pleasure(the last one I can recall hearing to the bitter end was the soundtrack to the Buffy musical episode). The most I listen to on a album is about
three or four songs,max.

That's shocking to diehard High Fidelity types,I know but albums are like magazines to me-if I'm not interested in the subject,I would rather skip ahead or go back to the stuff I enjoy. Yes,I'm the kind of person that Greatest Hits collections were made for.

Also,many of the current artists are not my cup of tea;yes,I hope that my girl Gwen gets some props and Green Day's "Blvd of Broken Dreams" kicks ass,in my opinion but alot of them I can do without. For one thing,that Fall Out Boy video is so played out that it makes me want to hunt them down with the aid of Ted Nugent. ColdPlay is highly overrated,Paul McCartney getting nominated for Album of the Year for a record that only his closest fans care about is just a sop to the oldschool Beatles groupies and WTF is with R. Kelly getting nominated for Best Long Form Video for Trapped in the Closet? He should be nominated for Best Comedy Album/Video-that bit of wackiness would do Ed Wood proud.

What will I be watching instead? American Idol,of course-atleast it won't be as predictable and most of the singing will be a hell of a lot better,plus from the
ads,it looks like there'll be plenty of drama bombs to go around. Kayne West will,no doubt,shoot himself from the hip as usual but that'll be replayed to death online and on the airwaves so I really don't have to see it. Simon Cowell is a nasty SOB but he's an honest SOB who,if you get past the snark,can give good advice(I was pretty convinced last season that he and Paula were getting it on-the two of them fought way too much),not to mention that one of the contestants,Paris Bennett,sounds like one to watch.

Plus,Veronica Mars is new tonight and the episode's called"Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough",which is as about as musically themed as I want for the evening's entertainment. Maybe I will catch the very end of the Grammys but if I miss it, I suspect that it will not haunt me with any lingering melodies but clear the stage for the next opening act to make their dreams come true for me and you(hey,Tv theme songs should have their own catagory,in my opinion!).

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