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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Guilty Pleasure as charged:Gilmore Girls

I blame ABC Family for this current addiction of mine-they make it so easy for me to indulge in the seemingly content bliss of Stars Hollow,CT where folks are just so friendly(even when they're fighting),the eccentrics are funny haha not funny-scary and
almost everyone talks in rapid fire yet intelligent/witty fashion. Yep,I'm getting hooked on Gilmore Girls reruns-is there a twelve step program for this? I started off
with catching some of Season one(the Donna Reed episode where Rory winds up having a
1950's style dinner for her boyfriend Dean intrigued me,especially since I used to watch old Donna Reed show repeats on Nick on Nite years ago)and am now fully invested in Season three.

It's really not embarassing,tastewise,to watch GG-the writing is smart and I love to watch Lorelai take on Emily(not to mention Edward Hermann as her dad,Richard,who I still have flashbacks from seeing him as a master vampire macking on Dianne Weist in Lost Boys),Luke getting grumpy(which he does at the drop of a hat),Sookie & Jackson debating anything(they're my favorite couple)and to anxiously await the moment when Lane openly confronts her controlling Christian mother(I just know that has to happen at some point here!). Alexis Biedal as Rory is also very indentifable-how can I not like a girl who needs to take several different books to read for pleasure during her downtime moments during the day?

Little Sister has said to me"Just buy the DVDS!' but there are about five seasons at this point(not watching season six which is currently on the WB-soon-to-be CW network for reasons of sanity and clarity)and my current budget is not that ready to be spent
on such a luxury item. Also,5 sets at once are pretty daunting-I try to catch up with a series around the third season. I adore DVD sets but I think I need some more time with GG before I make that big of a commitment(and maybe when I'm ready,I can afford to take the Nestea plunge on my purse there).

ABC Family also shows Smallville repeats daily but since I have up to season four already,I can resist diving in (unless it's a really great Lex episode or one of those "Clark on Red K" ones or even a kickass Lionel Luthor...please stop me now)much too often but they are my main source for Gilmore Girls. I know I'm hopelessly hooked when I started checking out GG websites for more info(the ABC Family one is linked above) about the plotlines and the actors(even looked on IMDB for a couple of people). Oh,well-I suppose it's just a harmless diversion. I do change the channel before Seventh Heaven comes on(that show makes Touched By An Angel look like an F/X Original series and is more nauseating)and that counts for some,doesn't it?

Maybe's the quirky dialogue,the small town sweetness or just the fun of watching a mother-daughter team without sleazy overtones but I can't keep away from the tv at five in the afternoon to see what's up in Stars Hollow. Sure,when things change for me,I'll have to put GG aside but by that time,perhaps I will get all the DVD sets and force Little Sister to watch some of them with me(she tried it once and found the talking to be too much)-a girl's gotta have a dream,doesn't she?

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