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Friday, February 24, 2006

Pop Culture Party Mix

Tommorrow is the NYC ComicCon,where Little Sister and I will venture forth to seek out some thrills and chills(a few snow flurries are expected)-one of those thrills will hopefully be getting to meet Jason Mewes,who has been confirmed to be occupying his hetro lifetime Silent Bob for both Lunchbox's talk and autograph session. That should stir up a good story or two to share(fingers crossed).

In other news,James Frey's two book deal with Riverhead has been canceled and no one's really discussing the details(we can guess as to the why but the how sounds interesting-does Frey have to return any advance money,I wonder?). LT LeRoy,whose false indentity was revealed around the same time as the Frey scandal,is being backed by her publisher,all eager to promote her next novella. The LeRoy business never bothered me,mainly due to the fact that LeRoy's a fiction writer and there's a long history of pen names attached to that. Also,I never heard of any of her books before this whole name game made the news and I don't anyone else who did either!

Veronica Mars fans will be happy to hear that we're getting some new episodes by March 15(there was a rumor that new VM shows wouldn't be on until April)-Smallville watchers'll have to wait for March 30th but I believe that show will have the return of Brainiac,so it'll be worth the wait. Most of the reasons given for the delay include the Olympics but I think it's more due to not wanting to go up against American Idol while AI is doing two hour shows for the moment.

Speaking of American Idol(yep,that was subtle),I was glad to see Copacabana Boy out of the running(he was just beating that song up in a dark alleyway)and would've prefered Brenna to be sent packing rather than Becky but,hey,there's always next week! The girls seem to be a stronger group than the guys-the only standouts I saw where Chris,the Bon Jovi boy,Taylor Hicks and Bucky. Taylor's already a strong fan favorite so he'll be around for awhile. Ace Young doesn't seem to be as smarmy as Constantine was but choosing "Father Figure" as his opening song gave me and Little Sister the creeps.

I'm not heading to the movies this weekend but if I was,I would check out Madea's Family Reunion,despite the lack of critic reviews. Diary of a Mad Black Woman was a good movie(the bootleg version that I saw was great,anyway)and Family Reunion looks like more of the same(not to mention that the part where Madea bitchslaps the kid on the bus is damn funny)-if anyone does catch it,let me know if it's worth atleast a bootleg borrow.

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