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Monday, February 20, 2006

We're off to see the NYC ComicCon

Next Saturday,Little Sister and I will be attending the New York City ComicCon at the Javits Center(we only have one day passes since I paid for them back when I had to work on Sundays),which should be quite a show. I've been to the Javits before(due to going to two BEAs)but this will be my sister's first time. Also,my sister is an aspiring cartoonist and plans to hand out a promo booklet,featuring various cartoons from the website her work appears at. Saturday seems to be the best day to be there since there will be a ton of interesting people appearing,like Kevin Smith and WWE wrestler,Kane.

Granted,Kane and Kevin Smith are an odd pairing but they are connected together due to one of the greatest forms of American Literature,Comic Books-Kane will be pushing his upcoming movie,See No Evil(a title that pratically sits up and begs to be mocked) and any Kevin Smith fan knows how much he loves comics-not many big time film directors have their own comic book store,after all. Also,Milla Jovovich will be around,signing some autographs and encouraging folks to see UltraViolet(I expect alot of drooling fanboys will be surrounding her on all sides). Another person scheduled to attend is Peter Scolari...yes,"Bosom Buddies" Peter Scolari himself! I always thought he was the cute one on that show(Sorry,Hanks but you're just not my type).

There's also a number of speaker panels,one of which will be featuring someone I saw at last June's BEA-Patrick McDonnell,creator of the Mutts cartoon strip. His talk will be about promoting his work online and I hope that Little Sister and I will be able to get into that session(Q&A from the audience will be permitted). He was such a nice guy when I met him and it would benefit my sister alot,in my opinion,to speak with him. It should be easier than getting into the Kevin Smith talk(atleast he's doing an autograph signing which I fully intend to get,despite the massive line that will spring up).

Anyone interested in the whole ComicCon business can click onto the title link above to find out more. A full report on how my ComicCon experience went will be posted by next Monday(may have to spread it out over a couple of days). Wish me and Little Sister luck,true believers!

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