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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Charlaine Harris & HBO: a winning combination

Recently in my house,we decided to switch from Showtime to HBO(Mom wanted to see The Sopranos and since the only two Showtime series I liked to watch-Dead Like Me & Queer As Folk-are no longer on,it seemed like a good idea to me)and now I'm happy we did due to some great news! Alan Ball,the Six Feet Under guy,is putting together a new series for HBO based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series-woo to the hoo!

Ok,I know some of you are going"Uh,that's nice,dear(whispering to person next to you)who the hell is Sookie Stackhouse?" She's not a stripper or a cartoon babe,Sookie is the psychic heroine of what are known to many as the Southern Vampire Mysteries. She's a cocktail waitress who can read minds which keeps her from forming any real relationships until she hooks up with local vampire Bill,whose thoughts she can't pick up at all. This peace of mind is only one of the things that bring Sookie and Bill together but also puts her in danger from Bill's vamp friends and other various fiends.

The stories are set in Louisiana and have alot of southern charm and humor-just the fact that there's a vampire named Bill should give you a hint. The basic premise of Sookie's world is that vampires really exist and are acknowledged by the human world which gives them some rights but also restrictions. Artificial blood is openly sold and marketed in stores while there's a black market value put on vampire blood. Sookie also has a troublesome brother,Jason and winds up dating a werewolf named Alcide. If any of this tickles your fancy,you should start with Dead Until Dark,the first Sookie book-most of them are in paperback and her new one,Definately Dead,will be out in hardcover this May.

The Sookie books are not as sexed up as Laurell K. Hamilton's but they do not lack romance-short and sweet is the best way to describe them. Click the title link above to read more about the upcoming HBO series and check out Charlaine's other books(she has several series out with female leads with great names like Lily Bard and Amelia Teagarten.) Showtime was fun while it lasted but now that I'm back with HBO,the party can really get started. Like the song says,waiting is the hardest part but to see Sookie on my TV screen will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything more about this? I can't wait! I heard about it last year and have been waiting for it since. :) I love the series and can't wait to see what they do with the transition to television.

lady t said...

Haven't heard anything new on the series yet but when I do,there'll definately be an update:)

Anonymous said...

read on another website the series will be called "True Blood" and the expect it to premier Fall 2007

Anonymous said...