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Friday, March 17, 2006

On The Shelf with Maryjanice Davidson

One of the rising stars of the paranormal romance scene,Maryjanice Davidson is the creator of several series,her most popular being the UnDead books which feature Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor,the reluctant Queen of the Vampires. Betsy's the type of gal who is more at home shoe shopping than ruling the underworld but she's very capable of handling both,with style and humor. Betsy's allies include best friend Jessica,Vampire King Eric"Sink Lair" Sinclair and half sister Laura Goodman,who is also the daughter of the devil herself.

Davidson also has a werewolf series(Derik's Bane)and one about an Alaskan princess(Royal Treatment). She's also written Young Adult books,Sci-fi and many other great stories that have given her a legion of fans. I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten the chance to chat with her and to share her words with my viewing audience:

1)Do you consider yourself a romance writer or a fantasy writer?

A writer, actually. I like to write anything, everything. YA,
paranormal,sci-fi, mystery, contemporary romance, paranormal romance...pretty much
everything but regency.

2)Who or what became the inspiration for Betsy Taylor?

One day, this image popped into my head: a woman waking up in a
morgue,with no idea how she died and no idea that she was a vampire.
Why didn't she know? In the movies,the vampires always know they're
undead. But Betsy didn't have a clue. I couldn't get that image out of my brain,
so I finally sat down and wrote a whole book around just that one scene.
And voila! A series was born.

3)Are you planning a crossover novel for the Wyndham wolves and Betsy's
Fang Gang?

You betcha, and you'll see some of that in DEAD AND LOVING IT, out the
first Tuesday in April. And lots more to come. See, the tricky thing is,
werewolves believe in vampires, but vampires don't believe in
werewolves. Hilarity will ensue

4)Would you like to see the UnDead series become a movie or a tv show?

Sure, I think it'd be great. I've got a Hollywood agent sniffing
around L.A. even as we speak, talking to ABC Family, Tri-Star, HBO, Showtime,
etc. Should be a fun year as we try to get a green light for production!

5)You've written books in other genres such as Young Adult-is it hard for
you to switch from one to the other?

No, I love it. If I'm stuck in a Betsy book, I can switch to the
Alaskan royals or the murderous book club. I love writing more than one book
at once; keeps me from getting blocked.

6)Will Laura Goodman ever get a book of her own?

If I have my druthers? A whole SERIES of her own!

7)What are some of your favorite books and films?

Book: Gone with the Wind, the Prey books by John Sandford, anything by
Carl Hiaason, anything by Andrew Vacchss, anything by P.C. Cast, anything by
Olivia Goldsmith.

My thanks again to Maryjanice for granting me this interview-please click the title link above to go to her website and find out more about her books and upcoming projects. My recommendation for any new readers is UnDead and UnWed,the first of the Betsy Taylor titles. Betsy is a kickass combo of Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Elle Woods from Legally Blonde , with a twist of Dracula(the '79 version with Frank Lagella)on the romance side. Definately a must have for anyone who loves a good sexy sinister read with a few good laughs along the way.


Lady M said...

Excellent - I had to laugh - I've read both and thought them hysterical.

(Being in Alaska... )


lady t said...

Speaking of Alaska,I just starting reading If You Lived Here,I'd Know Your Name by Heather Lende which chronicles the small town of Haines,Alaska. Not as sexy as MJD but still an interesting read:)