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Friday, March 24, 2006

What's up with the creepy candy commericals?

Lately,I've been noticing some damn strange ads on TV for a couple of my favorite sugary treats,Starburst and Skittles. The Skittles ad(which I found a link to and have placed in the title above)has a bearded man at a job interview. His beard is longer than both of those ZZ Top guys and moves about with a Muppet like ability. During the interview, the woman behind the desk tells Beard Man that his resume is fine but they're looking for someone with more experience. Beard Man then uses his freakish facial hair to pop a Skittle into her mouth and pats her face while chuckling at her last comment. You're expecting the next scene to be one where Interview Lady is being strangled by the Beard That Wouldn't Die while its' owner is still chuckling and gobbling up the rest of the candy but I guess that'll be for the sequel!

The Starburst ad has a kid walking up to his buddies while a sinister voice over points out that he'll be expected to share his pack of Starbursts with his friends:"But what if you had no friends?" Creepy Kid then proceeds to be mean to his pals by dumping their stuff and tearing one guy's shirt while the V.O. cheers him on. No one speaks during this weird little assault and as Creepy Kid walks away with his candies intact,the V.O. praises him with"That went well!" Is it just me or does that sound abit too close to Columbine for comfort there?

Listen up,you marketing people-I don't know what demographic you think this appeals to or what drugs you may or may not be on but quit being wackers with my candy! Being creative is one thing,being disturbing is another. I should not get the same feeling after watching a candy ad that I have after watching Hostel! Hell,those Orbit gum ads are goofy but they're actually cute,with that Brit Wit and make me actually consider trying a piece. If I didn't already know and enjoy the mixed fruit basket flavor of either of the candies in question,I'ld give a wide berth to them at the candy rack just based on those mini freakshows that air on a daily basis!

I don't ask for much in this life-some good books,a DVD set or two,world peace(in someone's lifetime,not neccessarily mine)-and I'm damn sure that I'm not the only one confused and befuddled by these commericials. Leave the offkilter stuff to those who know how to use it for the right products(the VW ads with Peter Stomare are a great example of this)and get back to the drawing board. You're making those Mentos "Fresh and Full of Life" ads look like welcome relief at this point.


WagerWitch said...


You never fail to deliver the sentiments I could never express!


Lady M

lady t said...

Just doing my job,ma'am! Gotta keep some of these folks in line or we'll be knee-deep in anarchy:)

WagerWitch said...


No doubt!

*grins widely and crawls into bed*

sweet dreams