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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Everybody's watching for the weekend

So,as another week draws to a close,what can we look to for entertainment until Monday? It's too late to play Guess The Wacky Celebrity Baby Game: with the arrival of Suri Cruise and Grier Shields(quite a coincidence,those two kids being born around the same time-perhaps one of them is destined to face the other in mortal combat or atleast play the latest XBox version of Mortal Combat together within the next decade),you know that David Spade has plenty of material for his ShowBiz Show tonight!

Books: The Pulitzer Prizes were announced this week and the fiction prize went to Geraldine Brooks for March. March follows the wartime service of the father of Meg,Jo,Amy and Beth from Little Women and is considered a literary sequel of sorts. Brooks is well known for her first historical fiction novel,Year of Wonders,about a town struggling thru The Black Death. I wish I had kept a ARC of March that I borrowed last year-wound up returning it unread*hangs head in shame*.

Oh,well-gives me an excuse to buy the book now,doesn't it? I know I won't be alone there,winning a major award is as good as Oprah approval when it comes to book sales. Congrats and kudos to Ms. Brooks and to those of you sniping about how Doctorow should have been the "real" winner,please take your sour grapes with you when you go out back to Gripers' Field for the pity party,okay?

Movies: Silent Hill and American Dreamz open up this week and the one that could topple Scary Movie 4 off the charts is Silent Hill. There are no "official" reviews yet but that movie looks damn disturbing and the fact that folks seem to enjoy drawing mouths on the lipless little girl in the posters tells me that there's a buzz going on. American Dreamz(that "z replaces s" thing is annoying and played out)might be good but looks pretty cheesy and obvious in it's humor.

TV: Thankfully,Veronica Mars was replayed this week(got kicked out of it's new Tuesday timeslot this week due to basketball-isn't stuff like this the reason that ESPN exists?) and I find it hard to believe that the whole bus crash mystery will be conclude in just three episodes. So many suspects to choose from and plenty of red herrings piling up all over Neptune. My money's still on Mayor Woody being involved here-they wouldn't waste a former '80s film star like Gutenberg in a go-nowhere part. Also,is it just me or was Butters quite the bold one for asking Mac if he needed to get them a hotel room for after the prom? This is particularly their first date,for goodness sakes! I'ld rather see Mac back with Beaver but something tells me those Casablancas boys are heading for deep trouble.

South Park's take on the James Frey/Oprah scandal was strange,to say the least. It seemed more like a insider joke than a real riff on the whole mess. Afraid to think about it anymore,so let's move on,shall we?

HBO will be airing part one of Elizabeth I,starring Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons, on Saturday with the conclusion being shown on Monday night(guess they don't want to mess with their Sunday night block of Sopranos/Big Love). Helen Mirren has always been cool in my book ever since her role as Morgana in Excalibur-so damn evil,sexy and mega Brit. The EI website(linked in the title above) is interesting,with loads of behind the scenes stuff and a matchmaking game that shows you all of the Virgin Queen's many suitors and why or why not they were rejected. All of us Anglophiles will be cosying up to this miniseries and pre-ordering the DVDs by Tuesday,mark my words.

That's all for now-I'll keep it in touch so you'll be in touch.


Jake McCafferty said...

Mortal Combat, yes, I like it. We know who will win. Any child of Tommy Tooth will be a little brat and destined for rehab.

lady t said...

Don't be so sure,my friend-Suri may go all Dark Phoenix and ally herself with the intergalatic despot,Xenu to destroy the very organization her father so loves-MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Now,that would be a better movie than Battlefield Earth:)!