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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Top Five Tasty Men on TV

Recently,Dionne Galace(formerly of It's Not Porn and It's Not Chick Porn,now safely merged into dionnegalace.com)has declared her love of all things Nathan Fillion. I can relate-one of the reasons I went to see Slither was to check him out. I wasn't a big Firefly fan but after watching Serenity,mmm....hello,salty goodness!

I did first see Fillion on season 7 of Buffy as Caleb,the literal lady killer priest allied with the First Evil(and what a breath of fresh air he was,after quite a few SMG lectures and that horrid all Andrew episode that I even refuse to rewatch on my DVD set,ever!). Since he's no longer on TV,alas I can not add him to this list of fine lookin' fellas who grace my small screen with their prescence but there are plenty to choose from,believe you me.

1) Michael Rosenbaum(Lex Luthor,Smallville): Yes, I like my bad boys to be very bad and Superman's Number one nemesis is tops in my book. Not alot of guys can look good being completely bald but Michael certainly can! Also,his acting style is one of the strong points of the show-he works so well with the other actors and makes even the hokey plotlines seem plausible. He's also one of the reasons I really would love to see a bigscreen Smallville movie.

2)John Glover(Lionel Luthor,Smallville):Many of his fans called his character "Magnificent Bastard" and,boy does Lionel live up to that! Whether he's faking blindness to lay a guilt trip on his son,hiring hitmen to eliminate Chloe before she can get him charged with murder or most recently,macking on the Widow Kent,Lionel has such smooth sinister style that it's hard not to root for him,just a little! I also dug him on the short lived Fox series Brimstone,where he played Satan-a part that fit him like a glove(no pun intended,I swear!).

3)Julian McMahon(Dr. Christian Troy,Nip/Tuck): I know most of you discovered him first on Charmed but since that show is about to go off the air(finally)and is damn lame to boot,let's just focus on Julian's Rhett Butler-ish persona on Nip/Tuck. Yes,you heard me-Rhett Butler. Rhett and Christian have many things in common: being in love with women who are unavailable due to marriage,speaking their minds bluntly and looking sharp in suits. Also,acting nobly when least expected-a guranteed way to make the ladies melt with forgiving lust.

4)James Marsters(Milton Fine aka Brainiac,Smallville):Even without his sweet Spikey blonde locks.Marsters is still easy on the eyes and melts in your mouth like a bag of M&MS(I used melt again in a sentence,please forgive me-I'm a shameless fangirl). If there's ever a scene on the upcoming episodes of Smallville that has JM,MR and John Glover all in the same room at once,I may need an oxygen tank!

5)Scott Patterson(Luke Danes,Gilmore Girls): With all these evildoers,I had to throw in one nice but not wimpy man into the mix and that niche rightly goes to the long suffering Town Grumpy Gump with Soul,Luke Danes. I know his character's had a major change of pace this season,with the long lost daughter plot mucking up the waters of Stars Hollow but since I'm not watching the current season(still catching up on ABC Family),my judgement is on hold at the moment. Besides,Luke's entitled to have some circumstances that have to be adjusted to,with all the crap he's taken from Lorelai's parents and Christopher,not to mention Lorelai herself with her ultra needy control issues(sometimes,she gets alittle too Emily there).

Okay,I've indulged my giddy girlishness here. Hope some of you enjoy it and to the rest,be glad I didn't post any the hot nakked pics that would so embarrass you at work. Just doing my part to make your workday a little less stress free.


Bam said...

Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy?

Hugh Laurie of House?

Come on, girl!

lady t said...

Hugh Laurie is a fine specimen(I first saw him in Emma Thompson's S&S) but never was a Patrick Dempsey fan. Anyway,I should list my Tasty Tv Men from 6 to 10 as well:

Phil from the Amazing Race

Eric the carpenter on Clean Sweep

Francis Capra(Weevil,Veronica Mars)

John Krasinski(Jim,The Office)

Dennis Leary(Tommy Gavin,Rescue Me)