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Thursday, April 13, 2006

TV Time Round-up

So,what's doing on the boob tube so far this week? Let's start with American Idol and yes,Queen week was as bad as we expected. Not a total crash and burn(which I really thought was going to happen with Kellie Pickler's rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody")but not one of the better AI nights this season. The worst over all performance was Ace's "We Will Rock You"-he practically castrated that song,with his verbal running around like a chicken with it's head cut off style and annoying falsetto.

He really should've been kicked to the curb but,alas,poor Bucky was made to go. Pick The Worst is doing quite a good job at keeping Pickler on the show-she might have to hire them as her PR people once AI's over. Next week's theme is the Great American Songbook,with Rod Stewart as celeb advisor. Wonder if he'll be as bored as Queen seemed to be with many of the contestants. They sure didn't like Ace-one guy looked like he wanted to kick his ass in the parking lot.

On the Amazing Race,Lake and Michelle were Philiminated,which is just fine with me. Lake's been such a mean spirited jerk,he might as well have been wearing a T-shirt that said"I'm a walking,talking Jeff Foxworthy punchline". Not to mention calling his wife a bitch(she should've given him a smack upside the head for that one-for some reason,Michelle only got miffed when he said "damn" a few times at her),not cool,Zeus! I'm rooting for BJ and Taylor,those guys keep their heads togther,even when things look bad for them. They cut it close with that 15 minute penalty,whew!

The bus crash mystery on Veronica Mars is getting more focus,now that the whole Logan business is resolved(but it looks like Veronica's gonna confront Weevil on that next week). I love the way dream sequences are handled on this show;not too trippy and very revealing,plotwise. Keith's multi-dates weren't developed fully enough but glad to see it was tied into Veronica's chance to get the Kane scholarship. Sincerely doubt that she'll be on the Stamford campus next season(that whole episode at Hearst looked like a blue print for College VM to me). Also,nice to have more Wallace time on the show that doesn't involve Jackie. That girl is too high maintence and controlling to boot-mark my words,she's not going to have a happy ending this season.

Speaking of ending,Black.White aired their last show yesterday. I was glad to hear Rose's poem(she totally knocked one out of the ballpark there) and have some hope for Nick,who might start to drop the tough guy act and do better with his life. His folks are good people,so there's more than a good chance at that there. Bruno wins the award for Most Pathetic Particpant:didn't learn anything and didn't want to learn anything. Atleast Carmen tried to gain some knowledge(she still should've admitted she was wrong to call Renee a bitch). I don't know if F/X will do this again but despite the awkwardness of the set-ups and the not-so-convincing makeup,it was quite interesting to watch.

South Park did have a part 2 of "Cartoon Wars" and one of the best bits was Cartman and Kyle having a slap fight showdown. It's a strong point of the show that Matt and Trey have no problem with openly mocking themselves with the fake out "Terrence and Philip" opening and the repeated line about being preachy and message orientated. Damn good season so far,fellas!

Well,tonight's Smallville episode has been directed by Tom Welling and has some Lex and Lana action,so I'm all set. The Office is a repeat but I don't believe that I have seen this one and an Office rerun is better than a first run episode of Teachers anytime. I only gave Teachers a chance due to Buffy semi-regular Kali Rocha being cast as the principal but her talents are being wasted here along with the viewer's attention span. Whatever you're watching,have fun and don't forget to change the channel when those commericals for RV come on. Bad enough Robin Williams is making cinematic sludge like this,no one needs to suffer thru the promos. No one.

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