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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Everything old school is new again

While browsing thru the movie listings in my area,I was surpised to discover that at one of the larger mulitplexs,there's a Saturday morning showtime for "She-Ra:Princess of Power-The Secret of the Sword". Yep,She-Ra,twin sister of He-Man,aka Adora(my dad used to insist that the characters really should've been called He-Ra and She-Ma,in the true Egyptian style but such accuracy was too scary for children's TV programmers in those days). According to He-Man.org,this rerelease seems to tie in with the upcoming She-Ra DVD set this summer. It's kind of ironic that a TV show ment to sell toys was made into a movie to sell more toys and now that movie is being used to sell the DVDs. It's all some round robin sales pitch that never ends!

I'm not complaining,really;She-Ra was amusing for many reasons. One of the highlights were the female foes created to fight She-Ra such as Catra,with her magical Mardi Gra mask,Scorpia(whose name fully explains her character),Entrapa and Shadow Weaver who seemed to be the Evilyn to the head Big Bad,Hordak. You would think that the main villian would be female but perhaps someone just dug the name Hordak,not to mention he looks way cooler than Skeletor.

The plot of SOTS is your basic origin story:Prince Adam discovers the alternate version of his homeworld Eterna which is ,of course,Etheria where his lost lost twin sis is working as a Captain of the guards for Hordak and knows nothing about her true identity,thanks to a memory spell from Shadow Weaver. She is soon made aware of her destiny to hold a sword over her head and say magic words that put her in a skimpy outfit that makes Wonder Woman's look modest in comparison. It's entertaining enough to watch for awhile but I can't see that it's worth the price of a theater ticket to take the kids to on a weekend morn. Better to wait for the DVD,which does include the Secret of the Sword movie.

All this old school love for such campy kiddie fare as He-Man,She-Ra and Thundercats(I always dug Cheetara)is best appreciated on DVD. I admit to being tempted to buying the first TC set but it's just too darn goofy for my budget. What would be great is if Cartoon Network gave some screen time to some of these oldies-but-goodies on their scheldules but I suspect that's why they have Boomarang(which is not available to everyone,people!). What would you rather see with your kids,original He-Man or the Bratz cartoon? Just the Bratz name alone should settle the debate right there.

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