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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A flurry of season finales

May not only brings flowers but ushers out most of the current TV shows we've been enjoying all year and this week in particular,there's quite a few finales. Tonight's lineup has "Expanded" wrap-ups of My Name Is Earl and The Office,not to mention a damn exciting conclusion for Smallville as Brainiac threatens to destroy the world with a virus unless Clark releases General Zod(Kneel Before ZOD!!!!...sorry,had to say it). Lex is also getting some sort of uber bad upgrade and a taste of real power which,yes, will lead into a major Kent/Luthor showdown. If Superman Returns can't be as exciting as this,we're in for a long summer,folks.

Veronica Mars was,for once,not pre-empted so we got to see who really crashed the bus as well as the end of Aaron Echolls(ironic that the last thing AE saw in this life was himself on TV). Poor Beaver-Kyle Gallner is a damn fine actor who has seemed like a bit player but turns out to have been the Big Bad all along. I truly hope that next season(if the whole"CW? Done deal" bit was a tip of the hat to the fans),Dick Casablancas is around and having to deal with what happened with his brother. Dick's the dictionary defination of shallow and callow but even he has to take a reality check here. One of my favorite parts of the episode was Woody getting tasered while trying to sneak out the window(in his undies,which reminded me of Fargo).

My least favorite moment had to be Weevil's arrest-Lamb could've nabbed him as he walked off the stage with diploma in hand but nooooo! Oh,well,let's look forward to next time,shall we?

While some shows are ending rapidly,others are about to finish up slowly but surely. AI fans were suprised at Chris being the one to leave last night and not pleased with Seacrest's abrupt way of telling him. My only choice here is to root for Taylor,since both Elliot and Kat are so bland they make tapioca pudding seem spicy.

The Amazing Race is down to the Final Three: The Hippies(Yay!),The Frat Boys(boo!)and Rayo aka Ray & Yolanda(hey,they deserve a nickname!). The Hippies are a big favorite amongst fans and I was glad to see them get the Fast Forward(bug eating is a tough gig but would've been easier if they had drunk the water given to them). Next week is the two hour race to the finish line in a snowy climate which is cool in more ways than one(Phil in a parka,cute!)

Top Chef had their reunion show last night and the bleep button must have been pretty worn out with all the F-bombs and S-bombs lobbed about. Stephen's apology to Candice was so fake-his true nature was more on display when he got mad at Ken(who I wouldn't be surpised at if he waited in the parking lot to kick Stephen's snotty ass). Some people might think that Tiffani's being picked on for being "aggressive" but a bitch is a bitch,folks. Stephen also has the same bad attitude,which is why I don't like him either. Next week,it'll be down to a Final Two-I'm rooting for Harold,he's a real stand up guy. Oh,and I love the "I'm not your bitch,bitch!" shirts!

Finales are fun and hopefully lead to better times next year. It's also good to now have summer series to tide us over til the fall-Rescue Me will be starting up again at the end of the month and the 4400 should be back in June. Also,TNT will be showing a number of horror mini-movies based on Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes short story collection. Summertime and the TV watching is easy!


Jake McCafferty said...

What does it say about me that I've never seen any of these shows? OK, maybe an episode or two of the Superman show, but only because the ex was watching.

lady t said...

It probaly says that you've been spending your time more productive than many of us....or you're some kind of TV hater person:)

I keed,I keeddd!