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Thursday, May 04, 2006

This week's pop culture follies

Paris,we hardly knew ye-the talented Miss Bennett has been booted from American Idol making Katherine McPhee the only female left in the running. I don't think she has what it takes to go to the Final Three(Chris aka Sideburns Stepdad,clearly does) but neither does Elliott,so it's pretty much a crapshoot here. Next week,the gang goes to Graceland to be coached by Tommy Mottola for Elvis Night. I hope Taylor picks Blue Suede Shoes as his song;it's perfect for his wild n' crazy guy dance moves.

In other reality elim news,The Hippies were nearly kicked off again on The Amazing Race(The Frat Boys were total jerks for canceling the other teams' cabs but then karma denied them a ride-maybe Earl Hickey should be an advisor on this show)and Tiffani the Terrible made it to the Top Chef Final Three. I wasn't crazy about Lee Ann(she could be snippy at times)but even Dave and Harold preferred to go with her rather Miss"I bring humility"-NOT!.

George Lucas has finally uncletched his claws and will release the original versions of the first three Star Wars movies on DVD this September. Perhaps he realized the errors of his ways or just needs more money to make that Ewoks prequel trilogy he's been dreaming of low these many moons. Also,Veronica Mars season 2 DVDs are set to be available this August;hopefully,we'll get to actually see the finale on the night it's supposed to aired. These pre-empts are damn urksome.

Coming to many theaters near you is Mission Impossible III-am I the only one who fears that if I went to see it,Scientologists would pop out from under the seats armed with e-meters chanting"Do you want a personality test? IT'S FREE!" That's almost scarier than having RV hit the top of the B.O. charts for two weeks in a row,almost.....

Also hitting the multiplex is Hoot,which is based on Carl Hiaason's novel for kids about three teens trying to save a nesting place for owls from land developers. Despite some early negative reviews so far(check Rotten Tomatoes for more),this should be a good movie to take kids to. For one thing,Hiaason's a damn fine writer and witty not preachy about his environmental beliefs in his stories. Also,it might be nice for kids to see a movie that doesn't have a Happy Meal attached to it.

I take my leave of you but do remember to tune in next time for another thrilling episode of As The Blog Turns.

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