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Thursday, May 18, 2006

TV Time Round-up

First,some good news: The CW has announced their fall schedule and are keeping alive such fan faves as Supernatural,Gilmore Girls,Smallville,Everybody Hates Chris and Veronica Mars. The downside to that is they're also having America's Next Top Model and Seventh Heaven on the line-up-can I get a group "ARRGH!" here? Oh,well,some folks like those shows,too and it could be worse after all,atleast Charmed is finally getting exorcised from primetime viewing(yet will live forever in reruns*shudder*).

On the reality show front,The Amazing Race's two hour conclusion had thrills and spills,with BJ and Tyler(aka The Hippies)winning the million dollars. I was so happy-it's nice to see goodhearted folks like that get their just rewards. Eric & Jeremy,the reviled Frat Boys,seemed to begrudgingly accept the second spot(maybe if they had been paying alittle more attention to where they've been instead of all the girls they tried to mack on,they would've done better on that final flag challenge). Too bad about Ray and Yolanda but it looks like they'll be a better couple for going on the Race so they're winners as well.

Top Chef had another elimination challenge last night which knocked Dave out of the running,leaving Tiffani and Harold as the Final Two. I really felt bad for Dave,he's overemotional but does care alot about what he does and backs people up when it counts. Unfortunately,he botched one of the room services request by only making two dishes,not three and in the real world,that would get you in some trouble. I'm all for Harold-he's been very consistant thru out the entire show and I would rather eat a hamburger made by him than any three course dinner Tiffani would love to showcase.

And yes,American Idol is down to two: Kat and Taylor. I know I'm not the only one who didn't see that coming. Due to watching the AR finale,I only caught the last few minutes of AI so I missed out on Taylor's"Taking It To The Streets" dance number. Taylor gives Napoleon Dynamite a run for his money in the goofy public display catagory,that's for damn sure. Lots of folks have given up on AI already and I can't really blame them,with such talents as Chris and Paris having gotten the boot. My only hope here is that Taylor wins.

Sure,Taylor's wacky but he can sing and has a personality-Kat is duller than dishwater,with a beauty pagent contestant smile and a pleasant voice. That "Over the Rainbow" number did not impress me(why she thinks her best performances are done while kneeling on the floor is beyond me. ) In my opinion,if Judy Garland had heard that number,she'd be guzzling gin straight from the bottle. Granted Judy would be doing that anyway(as Little Sister pointed out to me)but she wouldn't even bother with finding a glass or any olives. Oh well,it'll all be over soon enough. Then we can focus our attention on more important matters like setting up a betting pool to see how long it'll take Social Services to swoop in and save Brittany Spears' kids from becoming the subject matter of a Lifetime made-for-Tv-movie.

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