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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Expected One:A Welcome Guest At The Summer Reading Table

Kathleen McGowan's The Expected One may seem like the Da Vinci Code's little sister but do not be mislead;this story has it's own unique twists and turns. Maureen Paschal,a journalist and author of a book about the truth behind the legends of many historical"notorious" women,finds herself involved with a secret society that reveres Mary Magdalene and believes that Maureen is one of the decedents of Mary's children,"The Expected One"who will lead them to long lost journals that tell the true tale about Jesus and Mary.

Maureen has plenty of good reason to investigate this notion,she's had visions of Mary since childhood that have increased after finding a mysterious nine pointed ring during her book research in Israel. On the advice of her documentary film making friend,Tammy Wisdom and with her cousin and childhood confidante,Father Peter Healy,she sets off to France to met with Beringer Sinclair,a wealthy patron who has had a lifelong interest in bringing the truth about Mary Magdalene to life.

There are,of course,villians in this book and while it is hinted that the Catholic Church is not open to updating Mary's role,the real threat comes from a group known as the Order of the Righteous,who see John The Baptist as the real Messiah and find all women to be chattel. Their current leader counts Oliver Cromwell as one of his forebearers and is more than willing to kill those who oppose the Order.

There is plenty of art history and discussion about the Cathars but it doesn't bog the plot down at all,rather it adds to swift pacing of the book. Whether you believe the initial basis of the novel to be true or not,McGowan gives you a great read that's packed with strong characterization and suspense filled moments. This is to be the first of a trilogy(McGowan originally self-published the books known as the Magdalene Line)and I for one am eager to get my hands on part two!

The Expected One is a thrilling,thought provoking novel that entertains as well as educates. It will be available by late July(click the title link for more info)so be sure to get your pre-orders in before rushing off to your summer getaway. This is one unexpected visitor that you'll be glad to have stop by and sit a spell with you on the beach or quiet spot to retreat from the heat.

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