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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Extra,extra,read all about it! Superman Returns stuff is here!

Even a hermit isolated in a David Blaine like begging-for-attention cube knows that Superman Returns will be hitting the big screen by next week. The product placement has already begun,with bottles of Pepsi and Frito-Lay chips bearing Brandon Routh's blue clad heir to the Christopher Reeve throne image. I personally love the uber advertising given to such movies,in a"aw,isn't that cute" kind of way. I know it's all very commerical(and therefore evil to many folks)but it's hard to resist certain things,like desserts with names like Death By Chocolate.

I was wondering what was currently available for sale so I did some looking and found a Superman collectable site(linked in the title above) that has some Superman Returns goodies for sale already,like Krazy Kryptonite shown here. It seems to be a Silly Putty kind of toy that kids can use when they're pretending to be Lex Luthor"Die,Superjerk,hahaha!"

Or you could play Monopoly the Metropolis way,with game pieces shaped like the famous Superman chest "S",the Daily Planet globe,Clark's glasses and ,of course,
Kryptonite! There seems to be alot of Kyptonite products,which I get but how fun is it to have a radioactive rock that kills the hero of the story? I like villians myself here and Lex Luthor is one of the top bad MFs in comicdom but gee weez,Mr. White!

Also,there are plenty of DVD releases that tie in nicely with the whole Man of Steel theme,like the third volume of Superman:The Animated Series(which I will be getting and reviewing for this blog),a direct to video cartoon called Superman-Brainiac Attacks! and season two of Justice League.

All these sets will include a "Movie Money Pass" that takes ten dollars off your ticket admission to see Superman Returns. Don't throw them away if you buy one of these sets-they do actually work. That's how I got to see Catwoman and The Bourne Supremacy for free,on the same day!

Whether you love it or hate it,movie tie in items are here to stay. I say enjoy them while you can and keep the ones you really like. Some might scoff at Superman stuff but hey,it's not like you own a Lake House t-shirt or a Garfield:Tale of Two Kitties litterbox(why they thought there was a need for a Garfield sequel,I don't think I want to know). Superman is classic Americana and what's classier than a set of Superman Returns temporary tattoos?(I know,I know,I need help!)


PJS said...

I can't seem to get myself excited about this Cinematic Event, despite the coincidence that its star was born on the exact same day as my boyfriend (October 9, 1979).

I remember having a Superman toy as a child, it was a shinily-coated cardboard "set" of an urban street scene, and you could peel of plastic (vinyl?) characters from Superman's world and "stick" them in various poses on the set. It was all very 2-D. How easily entertained we were in the 1970's...

My Big Movies of the coming week are "Strangers With Candy" and "The Devil Wears Prada"

lady t said...

Devil Wears Prada does look good(Streep seems to be having a ball in the clips I've seen)and Strangers With Candy was one of my favorite Comedy Central shows but alas,my budget these days is limited so I'm saving all my love for Supes:)

Didn't have any Superman toys but my brother and I did own a Star Trek playset(old school ST).