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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Settling into summer TV

Last night I caught Round one of Gameshow Marathon,with hostess Ricki Lake presiding over a celebrity charity version of The Price Is Right(I spotted Adam Carolla in the audience,looking impatient as he wasn't called to "come on down!"). It was mostly ladies' night as the only ones to make to the Showcase Showdown were Kathy Najimy and Brande Roderick(Brande was alarmingly braindead at times-I thought Ricki was going to smack her as she kept asking dippy things about her showcase"Is it a boat trip? Do I get a boat and a trip?" Just shut up and bid,woman!). Tonight's entry is Let's Make a Deal,so seeing the likes of Lance Bass in a banana suit might be fun. Also, I like Paige Davis,the Trading Spaces gal-she plays a mean game of Plinko!

However,there is a two hour marathon of "The Office" over on NBC,with the Dunder Mifflin fire episode included. This is a hard choice...goofy celebs on game show or "Ryan started the fire!"? It's a hard call but I may have to go with the Office;one of the other episodes is the Tim Meadow's guest spot as a prospective client who Michael and Jan take to Chili's and I'd rather see Tim hanging with Steve Carell than with Ricki Lake in a costume trying to decide if he wants what's behind Curtain number Two or Three.

Rescue Me had it's season opener and boy,oh,boy! It's going to be a race to see what freaks out Tommy the most-Garrity dating his sister or soon-to-be ex,Janet hooking up with his brother. Susan Sarandon is due to be on the show as sort of a firehouse version of her Bull Durham character but I hope she doesn't overwhelm the show. I'm also wondering what Tommy's main hallucination fix is going to be this go-around(looks like it's the hit and run guy who killed his son and was then executed by Tommy's father's friend). Anyway,this season has already started off with a bang,especially with the resurrection of the seemingly dead little girl which has me eager for the next episode.

Coming soon is Tuesday Night Book Club,a Desparate Real Housewives of Orange County type of show that follows the antics of a ladies' reading group. I'm more than willing to give this one a shot but if there's no real time given to any book talk,I am so out of there. I have heard that Jennifer Weiner's Good In Bed will be one of the reading choices(GIB was her first novel and it's the one that hooked me into adding Weiner to my list of favorite female friendly authors) so I have some hope there. This is supposed to be a reality show and if it wants to survive,it better be really good on some level.

And finally,we must not forget the two big award shows due this June: the Tonys and The MTV Movie Awards. I haven't been interested in the Tonys for awhile now(too much focus on the musicals and not much for the dramas)but if there's a number from Lestat,I might tune in. It did get a couple of noms,after all! As for the MTV Awards,you always know you're in for some trashy fun-with a mix of folks such as Christina Aguilera,Dane Cook and Gnarls Barkley,it should be a evening with atleast one wacky memorable moment to replay on YouTube.

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