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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Talk about your boob tube here!

On Tuesday Night Book Club,one of the members said(in regards to the chosen book,Good In Bed)"I'm only into the first twenty pages." Well,I couldn't stand this show for the first twenty minutes and switched right over to Rescue Me(it's a good thing RM is replayed at 11,so I was able to catch up on what I missed at the beginning). With all the narration and drama bomb set-ups given to each woman,I was expecting Dr. Phil to walk in at any moment. Not to mention what a vicous nag newlywed Ashley was,hounding her husband about making repairs to get ready for their house warming party that week,while they're still unpacking and moving in,mind you! I hope that guy keeps a videotape of this episode-it'll help him out in divorce court.

Also,it was apparent that even the group leader didn't read Good In Bed-she seemed to think that saying the title over and over was reason enough to get into some sex talk. Good In Bed,btw,is not some sexed-up romp-it's about an overweight woman who finds out that her ex-boyrfriend has used their relationship as fodder for his magazine column,which makes him look like a prince and her look like a maniac depressive. GIB was Jennifer Weiner's first novel and it's worth a real book club's time and talk. As for the Tuesday Night Book Club,if I wanted to sit around and watch whiny,overprivileged women drinking margaritas and complaining about their orgasms, TBS has Sex and the City in permanent rerun mode.

AFI had their latest movie list special on last night(click the title link to check out the picks)of the 100 most "inspirational" films. Another term for that is Oscar bait-the vast majority of them were either major nominees and/or winners. I can't help watching these AFI lists-sure,it's mostly a bunch of clips with celebrities like Jessica Alba,Ron Howard and George Foreman putting in their two cents but it's a good excuse to have some movie memories on primetime. There's usually always a pick that brings up a "You've got to be kidding!" response-Dances With Wolves did it for me this time. DWW is one of those things that strike such a big pop culture cord at the time and when you look back at it,your first response is "what was I thinking?"

Speaking of what were they thinking,many folks expected some kind of trouble when the Tonight show announced that George Carlin and Ann Coulter were to be guests last night. I watched it for that reason and am here to tell you that nothing major happened. Carlin did look rather pained at times while Ann gleefully prattled on how much of a conservative badass she and her friends are. My guess is that George is working on one hell of a routine after that encounter. Coulter pretty much just handed him a sack of comedy gold.

The 4400 had it's new season start off with a bang,with Isobel having to choose between her life and Lily's. Poor Lily-it's probaly just as well,her death frees up more plot time needed for Isobel(who might have a crush on Sean). It also looks like Jordan Collier's returning from the dead and the rebel 4400 folk are just getting started with their underground terrorist tactics. Should be some sweet summer TV.

Finally,if you have HBO,I highly recommend catching Lewis Black's new comedy special called Red,White and Screwed. It's Black at his best and in perfect rant form. I haven't the Dane Cook Tourgasm show yet(I know Cook's the hot ticket in town but I just have not watched him onstage yet) or Lucky Louie but will do so soon. It's pretty easy,with all the HBO offshoot channels available.

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