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Thursday, June 08, 2006

TV funhouse time

Rescue Me is only two shows in and already they've dropped a major drama bomb,with Tommy finding out about his brother and Janet(how stupid were they to think that their under-the-table antics wouldn't give them away?)which lead to one hell of a major beatdown. The clips from next week make it look like Garrity's going up on the chopping block for his relationship with Tommy's sister(who took her sweet time about getting interested in why two of her brothers were facing off) and more of the Susan Sarandon storyline.

Lou is the fella who's really a ticking time bomb here-broke,depressed and lonely and trying like hell to hide his probelms from everyone. That speech he made to his animal doctor buddy about the mess his life has become and how death was starting to look like a viable option was so damn sad. I don't know where they're going with this plotline but it's not going to be a pretty place,that I can say for sure.

In other F/X series news,three celebrity guest stars for the fall season of Nip/Tuck have been announced. The offices of McMahon/Troy will be visited by Larry Hagman,Kathleen Turner and Brooke Shields,as a shrink. I guess a certain Mr.Cruise will be boycotting N/T and revving up his troops to pressure the network in case there's an out and out rip on Scientology. It would be foolish of him,since the Nip/Tuck team is just as twisted as the South Park gang in seeking artistic revenge.

Coming to Adult Swim this summer is Pee Wee's Playhouse,the cult kiddie hit created by Paul Reubens(who I always thought got a bum deal from the media). PWPH also has it's share of "Before they were stars" regulars like Laurence Fishburne(Cowboy Curtis!),Phil Hartman and Nastasha Lyonne. This show was one of the better Saturday morning shows and it's great to finally have it back on TV. Please click the title link if you want some more info about it. It's due to start on June 10th at an 11:00 time slot.

Tonight,the MTV Movie Awards will be on-I don't mind the fact that the show is taped days in advance but do they have to announce the winners ahead of time? Granted this isn't like leaking the Oscars but it does reduce some of the flavor of an awards show by letting everybody know who won before it starts. I'll be watching mainly to see some of the comedy bits and musical performances but it would be nice to wonder about who won Best Villian(I can't believe that wuss took the prize)or Best Frightened Performance. Oh well,that's MTV for you!

And finally,I'm hearing some buzz about NBC's fall show,Heroes,which stars Milo Ventimiglia(Jesse from Gilmore Girls)as one of several people who suddenly have superhuman powers such as flying,teleporting and invulnerablity. NBC has a four and and a half minute preview on it's website which looks real damn good. Since I'm a sucker for superhero shows,I will give this one a chance(particularly since it's not up against Smallville). Maybe Stan Lee will guest star,who knows?

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