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Monday, July 03, 2006

10 things I learned from watching Superman Returns

Finally,Superman Returns has arrived and it's quite the crowd pleaser-the audience I saw it with not only enjoyed it but applauded at the end. Some burning questions were answered(yes, Brandon Routh does channel Chris Reeve nicely)and others came up during the film(yep,that IS the dude from Harold and Kumar as one of Lex Luthor's henchmen).However,I think we all gathered some new knowledge from this film and I thought I would share my thoughts with the class first:

10)Yes, Kitty-there were two dogs when you and Lex left(and they make tasty snacks in a pinch).

9)Three things sell newspapers;tragedy,sex and Superman

8) Never let Parker Posey do the following:drive your car,flirt with superheroes or carry important items during your getaway. It'll be a worse mistake than hiring Britney Spears as your local school bus driver.

7)Lex Luthor can give a woman pleasures she's never dreamed of.

6) A man can always tell when a woman's faking,especially Superman.

5)Pulitzer Prizes are like Academy awards:no one remembers what you got one for,they just know you have one.

5)Land-it's the one thing they're not making any more of.

4)Yes,Lois,it is a bad idea to go abroad a strange yacht with your kid!

3)If your five year old son can toss a grand piano across the room,chances are that his daddy's not from around here.

2)When in doubt,go for a Richard Donnor reference.

1)You can never have too many Marlon Brando voice overs.

Also,many theaters are showing the trailer for next year's Spiderman 3 and that movie looks amazing! Usually,the third movie is the one that starts the decline of a series but this may be the very powerful exception to that rule.

One lesson everyone in Hollywood should learn is this;when you get the right people on a film that you want to keep as a franchise,do everything and anything to keep those folks together. X Men:The Last Stand was good but with Singer at the helm,it would've been better. It's hard to blame Singer for leaving X Men for Superman,since he saved us all from having the likes of another Catwoman or Batman and Robin. It's nice to see the audience be the real winners for once.


Jake McCafferty said...

Please tell me that at some point in this movie, six bullets bounce off Superman's chest -- but when the desperate criminal throws his gun at the Man of Steel, he ducks ...

lady t said...

Afraid the gun's too big to be tossed but there is that cool shot of a bullet bouncing off of Supes' eye. Why anyone would even bother to shoot regular bullets at Superman is beyond me-either get kryptonite ammo or just drop your weapon and run,stupid!

See,I'd make a great archvillianess,now wouldn't I?:)