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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Emmy noms strike again

Just this morning the nominations for this year's Emmy Awards were announced and there's quite a few surpises as well as disappointments. I think the best way to go over them is to divide my impressions into The Good,The Bad and The Ugly. Grab your remotes and follow me to the sofa,if you please:

The Good: Denis Leary being up for Lead Actor in a Drama(yes!)and the always kickass Christopher Meloni from L&W:SVU right next to him,rules. Also,high five for Steve Carell getting an Office nom and for the infamous " Trapped In The Closet" episode of South Park getting recognized. I would also like to thank the Academy for not having the Best Comedic Actress catagory hogged by the Desparate Housewives this time(not that I'm crazy about who is actually up for it but it's nice to see a good mix-up there).

Other cool nominees: The Colbert Report,Arrested Devolopment(which will probaly win now that it's canceled),Bleak House(great old school miniseries that's out on DVD now),The Amazing Race and House for Best Drama.

The Bad:Why no Hugh Laurie nom for Best Actor? Why is My Name Is Earl not up for Best Comedy? It's great that Will Arnett is in the Best Supporting Comedy picks but where's Jason Bateman for Best Lead? I'm happy that Rescue Me scored such a big nod with Leary's nomination but there are other F/X and USA shows that deserve some love(yes,Thief got a little something-something but still...)like Nip/Tuck,30 Days and The 4400.

It's an out and out disgrace that Veronica Mars was totally ignored. Look,I can deal with Smallville being overlooked since I know that certain genres get the red headed stepchild treatment but come on,VM is just as compelling,nay more so than the likes of the West Wing or Grey's Anatomy. Geena Davis gets a Lead Actress nod for a show that's canceled in midseason but Kristen Bell can't even get a little pirate love?

The Ugly: Charlie Sheen for Two and a Half Men? While I agree that he does a better movie PSA than Kevin James,give me a break here! I'm real glad that both Lost and Desparate Housewives are not dominating the race here but many of the choices seem uninspired,especially in Best Comedy Actress catagory. Stockard Channing for Out of Practice-wasn't that show on for two seconds? Where's Jenna Fischer for The Office?

Speaking of the Office,there's a ton of overlooked folk there-to not have Rainn Wilson up for Best Supporting Comedy is appalling! And in the appalling section is the FedEx caveman ad being up for Outstanding Commerical. The Geico Cavemen ads are way better and alot funnier. Am I the only one who finds it funny as hell that Black/White recieved an Outstanding Make-up nod? Now if it was for Outstanding Bad Make-up,I would understand. Hey,I watched the series but I've seen better face paint on little kids trick or treating.

The awards will be handed out on August 27(click the title link if you want to see the full list of nominees). I've been ignoring the Emmys for awhile but if there's the slightest chance of seeing Denis Leary make an acceptance speech,save a seat for me,would ya?


PJS said...


My poor, underappreciated "Arrested Development".

Too little, too late.

Jake McCafferty said...

I liked "Arrested Development," and watched it when I could.

On the Emmys, while I am a big fan of "West Wing," Allison Janney and Martin Sheen weren't much more than bit players this season. But it's most excellent that Alan Alda received a supporting actor nomination.

lady t said...

Arrested Development was a gem but like many clever shows,was ditched for the likes of "Death do us part". Have you seen the promos for that sucker? Yeah,I liked it better when it was called "Married With Children"!