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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lestat lives on or off Broadway!

So,finally we can all get a glimpse of Lestat:the Musical without having to pay those big ticket prices-thank you,internet! This number,I Want More,seems to be the best of the bunch-it's Claudia's declaration of vampire independence and the whole bit struck me as a combo of Veruca Salt("Daddy,I want it NOW!")and Nellie Olsen from the early days of Little House On The Prairie. See for yourself:

After listening to "Welcome to the New World",I am convinced that this should be the theme song for New Orleans. It beats those hokey ads with John Goodman as a
streetcar conductor by a mile:

This mother and son act"Make Me As You Are" gives a whole new meaning to the phrase"A boy's best friend is his mother.":

And finally,with this finale scene,I think you'll agree with me that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise did a much better job onscreen(and more subtly):

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