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Friday, July 14, 2006

Mommies Who Drink are the life of the party

Brett Paesel's Mommies Who Drink is not,despite the title,another sad sack memoir of troubled parenting. Instead,you get a fun book of seriocomedic essays about modern day motherhood and life in Hollywood,which she knows full well as an actress whose credits include three seasons of Mr. Show,episodes of Six Feet Under,Gilmore Girls and appearing in The Real Live Brady Bunch.

Brett refuses to be a Stepford mom,obsessing about every aspect of her kid's lives-rather,she takes a more reality based approach that's given support from her group of friends who meet at the bar on Friday nights to chill out and have some grown up girl time. Also,she's a kindred spirit to the Roseanne school of motherhood-you can't blame her for having x-rated thoughts while gaggles of playground moms are excitedly exchanging ideas on how to trick your child into eating their veggies or for wondering why there's a need for pre-schoolers to have yearbooks as she joins a committee that requires her not to really do anything but be supportive of the leader who insists on doing everything herself.

Brett is at her best,however,when she has a good laugh at her own follies(some of which is cheerfully attributed to her mother,who is the type of gal that answers the question"What's the worst that can happen?" with"That I will die."). She's the type of patient who isn't told that she needs to give blood until she's actually at the doctor's office,otherwise she finds a way to cancel at the last minute. I certainly can relate to that! Brett also finds ways to adjust to situations in an amusingly upbeat way,like having two kids that are screamers(despite the constant refrain of "no body gets two screamers in a row")by telling one of her neighbors that there's a medical study that says screaming babies turn out to be smarter,more intutive and immune to certain cancers that quiet ones. Hey,I wouldn't be surpised if there was a study that actually said that!

Don't think this book isn't for you if you don't have children-Brett has plenty of good natured tidbits to hand out to all and sundry. Her group of friends include Lana,who is not shy about getting her married friends to help her hook up with a cute guy at the bar,Katherine,who gets into a charity auction bidding duel with an old time actress for a bargain of a face lift and Michelle,who is debating with her partner about which sperm donor is better;the southern trucker dude or the Korean PH.D student? It's not some Sex and the City gang of clones,more like a rauncher version of the Golden Girls.

Mommies Who Drink makes for a sparkling good read that you'd want to share with your mom,your best friend or your local reading group for something that'll definately stir up some interesting conversation at your next meeting. Please click the title link to check out the Mommies Who Drink website(which also has contact infor if you want Brett to speak to your book group via phone or e-mail)and make sure that you pick up this book on your way to your August vacation retreat. A good laugh is just as important as suntan lotion and the right swimsuit(even more if you don't plan to go out into the sun in the first place).

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