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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nightmares & Dreamscapes,Lucky Louie and Darth Isobel of the 4400

I have to start off with the 4400,because this show is moving faster than a speeding bullet with the development of Isobel's uber-Jedi powers. Hell,if I was a Sith Lord,Hayden Christenson's lame Gothboy self wouldn't even be a blip on my
Evil Induction Radar screen. Of course,I would be smarter about it than Daniel(you just knew that guy was next on the hit list)and woe to anyone else who does so much as look funny at Sean after that slaughter spree that would've made Beatrix Kiddo proud. Good thing the Future Powers That Be(FPTB)gave Tom the Needle of Doom-he's the only one with any guts to keep Little Miss Dark Phoenix in line.

To be fair,I don't blame Isobel for kicking some ass to save her man but she is in serious need of some guidance before Maia starts warning everybody about "what Isobel is going to do". By then,it's too late,people! Also,was anyone else shocked at Alana getting some payback at that drunk driver who was stupid enough not to show remorse for killing her husband and son? Dude,even if she wasn't a 4400,the decent thing to do is give a little regret up there. The women on this show are totally badass,I swear.

Lucky Louie is fast becoming one of my favorite shows-Louis CK and company have one of the best darkly funny sitcoms since Married With Children and Roseanne combined. Thank the gods that this is on HBO-I don't think even F/X could get away with the male frontal nudity bits that pop up when least expected. Pamela Aidon who plays Louie's wife,Kim is the best. Not many gals can deliver a line like" I want my purse, crackhead!" and make it sound like a brilliant catch phrase(plus she's a nurse and with my mom being a nurse,I have an affinity for them). If you are not seeing this show and have HBO,what are you waiting for? Yeah,yeah Entourage,blah,blah,blah! Click the title link above to check out Louis CK's website and get more info on the series to find out what you're missing.

I caught the first installment of TNT's Nightmares & Dreamscapes,based on the short stories of Stephen King(from several of his collections). Battleground,which starred William Hurt as a hitman who faces the ultimate challenge in fighting off toy soldiers sent to his home as payback,was the best while Crouch End was making me count the minutes until it ended. Nothing against Clare Forlani or anyone else but it's not one of King's better stories. Battleground was brillant to have Brian Henson(yes,he's one of those Hensons)as director with Richard Christian Matheson as screen adaptor. They,along with Hurt,made a non verbal hour of television that's worthy of classic Twilight Zone status.

What I'm really looking forward to is next week's"Umney's Last Case" with William H. Macy at the helm. ULC is a great story,about a writer who forces his main character out of his detective novel world and trades places with him. That should be a a good one. I suspect that on the whole,the NM&DS series will be a mixed bag,depending on the stories that are chosen. Maybe there will be a clunker that rises above and makes for a cool mini movie. We''ll just have to watch.

A few random notes:

"Rescue Me":Garrity's whole sleepwalking bit was hilarious,especially with Lou eating the dip off of his face! That Tommy and Janet hook-up further confirms my thoughts about the hate sex they had(Sheila really needs to get over her fixation with Tommy-Good Lord,woman,there are other men out there!)and looks like Probie's roommate is cheating on him. There's going to be some trouble with those living arrangements real soon.

"It's always sunny in Philadelphia": With Danny DeVito added to the mix,this show is really rocking and rolling. Tonight,Dee goes on steriods and Charlie becomes an underground street fighter while his buddies hope to make some cash on him before he gets beat down. The episode is called Hundred Dollar Baby but I would not be startled to find some Fight Club references tossed into the mix.

Also,don't forget to keep an eye out for the repeat showing of the infamous South Park "Trapped in the Closet" episode(ten to one,the fact that it's an Emmy nominee is what got the network to bring it back)-maybe then,Suri Cruise will be released into the wild,as a distraction tactic.

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