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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway goes to the dogs and which pop culture wrap-up is tastier,The Soup or Best Week Ever?

On last night's Project Runway,the challenge was to design an outfit for both model and cute little dog(I know little dogs are the considered the newest bane of existence but it's not their fault that fashionista airheads latched on to them as accessories)which Keith seemed to think was beneath him. Hey,dude,you don't get to pick and chose what challenges you think are cool,that's why it's a competition!

Bradley was a real lucky SOB,after starting and stopping his design three times,he still managed to impress the judges(including Vera Wang!)and it was his birthday to boot. I think the worst one was Angela's;it screamed of whorish trying-to-be-trendoid straight out of a Tama Janowitz early 80s novel. Laura's was stylish and very upper crusty(she makes a big deal out of being a soccer mom but she has taste)and what is behind Vincent's obsession with hats? That poor lil' pooch kept trying to get that stupid thing off of his head and I don't blame him a bit. I'm more of a cat person but these puppies were too cute to resist!

So,lately I've gorging on E!'s The Soup for end of the week pop culture tidbits but still have a fondness for VH1's Best Week Ever. Which one is best? Well,let's do some comparing,shall we?:

Sure,anyone of us can come up with Tom Cruise and Superman jokes but let's look at some real challenges to the funny bone!:

Guess it's like that question about how many licks are needed to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop-the world will never know.

Random notes:

Rescue Me: So far,Sheila's gotten away with her Roofie encounter with Tommy but it'll probaly come back to bite her in the end. Looks like Marissa Tomei's done with the show for now(and we haven't seen Sarandon since she took off with Franco's kid,there really should be some closure there). The best part of the episode was when Probie got props from his crew after making that big rescue-hope he decides to stay on with Tommy and the gang.

The 4400:Isobel's jones to marry Shawn is amazing-the man tries to kill her in her sleep and she still insists on him walking down the aisle or else! Talk about your shotgun weddings,geez.

Hell's Kitchen:I just knew that Garrett's temper would get the best of him,plus raw chicken is definately not on anyone's menu. Keith aka "K-Grease" seems to really be the shining star here-I get why he chose Virginia to accompany him to Vegas but I am so sick of her. The final two should be Heather and K-Grease and not just because their first initials match the show's logo.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes: I only saw "The Road Virus Goes North" this week due to catching the premiere of 30 Days(too many damn shows on at the same time on Wednesdays! This is madness,people!)and it was pretty much what I expected,a typical haunted item story. Next week is "Autopsy Room Four" with Richard Thomas and "You Know They Got One Hell Of A Band" that has Steven Weber and Kim Delaney entering a town called Rock N' Roll Heaven which turns out to be a slice of hell. The second hour might be more interesting but the first one should have the uber chills one expects from a Stephen King story.

Tonight,Stan Lee's Who Wants to be a Superhero debuts and with characters such as Cell Phone Girl,Fat Momma,Monkey Woman and Feedback,this ought to be fun on a stick.Also,It's Always Sunny is finally showing that episode with the "Gay for God" bit but I'm still waiting for the one with this routine:

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