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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The return of Jordan Collier,Designstar and Hell's Kitchen is now closed!

Big doings this week on The 4400 as Jordan Collier makes his reappearance back from the dead(I find it an odd coincidence that his initials are J.C.-subtle,folks,real subtle)and brings about a number of changes,including the release of Kyle. While it's great to see something good happen for Tom(and Diana,who is pretty much going to get over unintentionally stealing her sister's boyfriend-hey,maybe Maia should set up a dating service!),you just know that this is going to get from bad to worse here,otherwise where's the plot beef?

Speaking of beef,Jordan certainly has one with Isobel(she sure seems nervous around him-for a gal who can crush your brain with a blink,Jordan doesn't look too tough to handle but looks are decieving). While I can't blame him for telling her to hit the road,I'm sure Sean won't take that lying down. The question is,what side will Richard be on here and how strong are his Carrie powers?

And the winner of Hell's Kitchen is ...Heather! I knew she could do it-Virginia can't cut it when it comes to service,since flirting doesn't make the food cook faster. Plus,what a dope Virginia was! She had first choice of team players and she selects K-Grease right off the bat(the guy who only last week called her Ramsey's love interest)and the two weakest members of both cooking teams,then tells them she based her selection of them due to their loser status! Great way to motivate people,hon.

I wasn't planning to get involved in Design Star but with repeat broadcasts(I'm so thankful that many networks are doing this,makes watching more than one series that much easier)and being a HGTV regular watcher,it just happened. Also,Donna got on my nerves,with her endless need to shop and constant clashes with Temple(who has been ragged on by more than one contestant for being a former Miss Utah). It was surpising to see Donna get sent home,however. Temple was the team leader on the last challenge,which was redoing an entire kitchen in someone's home within 32 hours.

Temple oversold her concept and as a result,many things were not completed by the end of the deadline. The whole thing reminded of a Top Chef episode that had Lee Ann in a similar bind,preparing her elaborate menu for a wedding(you know you've watched too much TV when one reality show reminds you of another).

Temple was on the chopping block but Donna's lack of pizzazz seemed to do her in. I also suspect that the judges might've seen the footage of Donna going on yet another shopping trip while there was work to be done(again!)and she even took a nap in the van! Atleast Temple put her shoulder to the wheel,trying to make the project work and didn't go off to eat apples and have some sleepy time,geez! Well,David is still in the running and he's very talented which makes my good buddy at Now,A Warning happy. With only four contestants now,it should get very gritty.

Random Notes:

Rescue Me:It's not even the season finale and we have two characters about to pop off,here! It didn't take long for that new girlfriend of the Chief's to leave him in the lurch,now did it? If I have to choose between Johnny and the Chief,my money's on the big man there. Johnny can join the ghost brigade in Tommy's head. I know that Garrity marrying Maggie makes for some decent comedy relief but his breaking off with her after that disasterous meeting with the priest shows some common sense.

Who Wants to be a Superhero?: Monkey Woman's Tears of Persuasion had no sway over Stan Lee,who kicked her to the curb after not only flunked her secret identity challenge but turned out to have lied as well. Maybe Dark Enforcer needs a henchwoman? Tonight,the heroes have to hit the streets to recruit civilian aid and face up to secrets from their pasts. Should be good for some super sized laughs!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The last episode of season two airs tonight,with Stephen Collins(yep,the dad from 7th Heaven)guest starring as the alledged "real" father of Sweet Dee and Dennis,which puts Daddy Frank in an uproar. I'm really glad that I caught this show the second time around and look forward to it being renewed.

And finally,this promo for Nip/Tuck is seriously rocking my world-it first aired with a different song but switching to Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine" was a smart move.

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