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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,Blade and Project Runway's family affair

Thanks to Netflix,I saw the pilot episode of NBC's upcoming fall show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip which stars Amanda Peet,Steven Weber and Matthew Perry(sounds like a made for tv indie style movie with a cast like that,doesn't it?). The premise of the show is that a late night comedy skit show ala SNL is in trouble after the executive producer(well played by Judd Hirsch)pulls a Network stunt live on the air after having yet another good sketch being cut by the Standards & Practices censor.

To negate some of the bad press,newly appointed president of the network,Jordan McDeere(Amanda P.)decides to hire two former writers who were kicked off four years earlier(and now have achieved some solo success)to run the show. Matt Albie(Matthew Perry) has more than one probelm with that;seems his ex-girlfriend Harriet Hayes is one of the "Big Three" stars of Studio 60 and their break up was due to her becoming a born again Christian. Matt's pal Danny Tripp(Bradley Whitford)reluctantly agrees to taking the job since he wasn't able to get insurance for the film that he and Matt were planning to make due to not passing a drug test.

The show is an Aaron Sorkin creation and while I'm not a big fan of his(never watched The West Wing because if I want to see politics on Tv,that's what CNN is for),this does look very good. Sorkin knows his way around network television and is not going to be shy about throwing some tough punches. The writing sounds smart and there's great chemistry amongst the cast which also includes D.L. Hughley,Timothy Busfield,Nate Corddry and Ed Anser. Studio 60 is one to watch for this fall.

I've been watching the replays of Blade the series on Monday nights,so I'm always a tad behind most regulars viewers. This show has been kicking some major ass with sleek fight scenes and smart plotlines that are just as complicated as any HBO series. So far,we've had old gang buddies of Blade's seeking some payback,possible warfare brewing between the vampire houses,secret experiments that have more than one purpose,a creepy baby eating master(or should I say mistress)pre-teen vampirella who makes Anne Rice's Claudia look as tough as one of the Olsen twins and Krista turning her mom into a vamp to save her from cancer. And that's just the first season,here!

Check out this music video to see what you've been missing out on:

Last night's Project Runway challenge was to design an outfit for the "everyday" woman,using female family members of the contestants as models(the rule was that you couldn't pick your own family member to work on). Jeffrey wound up with Angela's mom and treated her horribly. She had some doubts about the colors for the outfit and expressed them to Tim(who asked for her opinion before Jeffrey came back into the workroom). Jeffrey took the whole thing personally and actually brought the poor lady to tears. What a complete tool he is!

I had felt bad for Jeffery last week because I thought his dress for the Trash challenge deserved to win(Michael's was great but I liked the Pam Grier outfit he made better)and it looked like he was going to win,especially after Michael Kors praised the painted on belt. However,his behavior towards Angela's mother was non professional,to say the least. Hey,jerk-if you have a client that's reluctant about the choices you're making with THEIR outfit,it's your job to reassure her and politely bring her around to see things your way and/or compromise. If you don't have people skills,there are just some careers you shouldn't be in. He's damn lucky that it wasn't my mother he pulled that with-she'd have put a designer boot in his scawny ass.

Random Notes:

Who Wants to be a Superhero: It's down to three finalists-Major Victory,Fat Momma and Feedback. I was worried about MV getting kicked off last time(Stan Lee can be too picky about some things. His complaints about MV's taking off his cape and gloves,I don't buy. "A superhero never takes off his costume for any reason!" Uh,Stan-did you happen to see Spiderman 2? Peter Parker whipped off the mask quite a few times there). Tonight,the Final Three face off with some kids and have to hunt down their archenemy,Dark Enforcer,in a crowded public place. Good luck,gang!

Rescue Me: I swear,this show gets wackier everytime I watch-Maggie's hijacking of her brother's funeral to have a wedding(stupid,Garrity,stupid!)was mind blowing. Glad to see the Chief pull thru and yes,it is a tad eerie that Franco's new girlfriend looks alot like his daughter(that's a storyline that needs tying up there).Next week's the big finale and then,Nip/Tuck returns!

The 4400: Another season finale to watch for. Jordan's looking like the good guy in this upcoming battle and Isobel seems to be in her villianess groove. Too bad this is only a summer series-it's going be hard waiting for next season.

And last but not least,the new promo for season six of Smallville is out and about. Take a look at it and get to hear Lex say those magic words all Superman 2 fans know and love:


PJS said...

This is only vaguely on-topic, but did you watch Design Star Sunday night? It's getting really nail-biting (for me anyway)...

I haven't seen any of these other shows.

Jake McCafferty said...

"... he wasn't able to get insurance for the film that he and Matt were planning to make due to not passing a drug test."

It sounds like this character is autobiographical for Sorkin.

lady t said...

I watched the Designstar replay last night and saw my girl Temple go down in flames. I can't blame the judges,her room was so-so(but David should've won the prize instead of Alice,IMO).

I don't know about Sorkin,Jake,but I'm sure you're right. Bet alot of his TV buddies are gonna be not-so-lovingly portraited on Studio 60:)

PJS said...

I think David would have one if he'd done two things differently:

1) Make his "wall" hide the sleeping area rather than the sitting area, and

2) Taken a valium before his "hosting" video. He was surprisingly nervous and was speaking at warp speed. Only gnats and hummingbirds could understand him.

PJS said...

Of course, by "one", I meant "won". But you knew that...

lady t said...

I watched that episode with my mom,PJS,and she said the same thing about hiding the bedroom space! Great minds think alike,huh?

Anonymous said...

I finally saw the Project Runway episode you're talking about. Outrageous the way Jeffrey talked to Angela's mom. So sad to see her cry! But I agree his design should have won for the recycling challenge. Michael's was good, but Jeffrey's was better.

And I was so sorry to see Alison go! She was both nice and talented. Yeah, she created a ridiculous outfit that did make her model look fat, but she's been so good otherwise. There are other people on there who don't rise to nearly her level.

Anonymous said...

You tube is great, and I never seen it before on another blog...

Quite impressive.

lady t said...

Alison was nice,Robin-I used to really like Laura but she's been so snippy lately(some people might blame that on her pregnancy but something tells me she's naturally that way). Uli should've won the family challenge instead of Vincent,IMO. She's very under the radar at the moment.

Karl,glad you like the YouTube clips-once I found out how easy it was to put them on a blog(all you do is click the "embed" code at the one you want,then cut and paste),I can't help but add them on!