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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blade sheathes his sword,David is our Designstar and Kayne gets kicked off Project Runway!

Ok,I know that Kayne really didn't follow the gameplan for the last challenge,which was to make a black & white outfit not a black OR white cocktail dress,but still his design was way better than that whorish B-movie number Jeffrey dreamed up! Michael's suggestions to Kayne were both sensible and sincere-I am so rooting for him to win.

Having Vincent and Angela back for a second chance was so worth it,just to see the dismay on Jeffrey's face. I really thought Laura might be on the verge of crash and burn but thankfully,she listened to her model and"made it work". She's getting too snippy,tho-I do agree that Angela's win was due to her team saving her butt but was it neccessary to throw it in her face like that?

Also,the judges picked on poor Uli once again-hey,Nina,some of us like long sleeves!I really hope Uli gets in the Final Three and that Jeffrey is out,O-U-t,out!

Blade the series had it's season finale,with some battle royale showdowns as Marcus' Aurora poison took out the Purebloods(with Blade's help),Krista and Chase went one on one and Shen had a taste of old school torture. There isn't any word yet on if Blade will get another season but with the cliffhanger ending it had,I certainly hope so! Krista's crazy if she thinks just tossing Chase down several stories is going to knock her off-hello,she's a vampire! Besides,it's hard to keep a good bitch down.

And the winner of HGTV's Designstar was David,yah! The finale show with a full cast reunion was so nice,lots of good natured teasing about everyone's quirks(especially the feuding and fussin' between Temple and Donna). They even had the head of the network come out and she looked like a sweet little grandma,ready to serve up some milk and cookies. David's show will be on the air in January of '07,so keep an eye out for it on your TIVO schedule!

Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: Scientology has reared it's culty head,with Matt having an e-meter reading,courtesy of Kimber(I don't get why she's on Christian's case. He's not the one who kidnapped and mutilated you last season,dear!). Julia is way too permissive a parent-one year,it's okay for your son to have sex with his Aryan Nation girlfriend at home and the next,you just open up your pocketbook for him to give away your hard earned cash(while you're pregnant with a handicapped child who'll need special care) to folks who worship a failed sci-fi writer? Saved by the Bell fans should tune in next week for Mario Lopez's appearance in a gym shower with Christian.

The Amazing Race: Season 10 starts this upcoming Sunday. I'm glad that CBS picked this night to have TAR;I've always considered it to be a family show and Sunday night is like the porridge Goldilocks chose. I wonder if some of newer airline restrictions will slow some of the contestants down. The network does help them avoid most of that mess but even so,it could add a little extra drama here!

Speaking of drama,Survivor:Cook Islands begins tonight and I refuse to watch it. Granted,I'm not big fan of the show to begin with(plus,new episodes of Smallville will be on soon)but the whole"let's play the race game!" aspect of it is not worth rewarding with high ratings. I'd rather play mix n' match with my DVDs and watch a little something like this:


Pop Culture Diva said...

Jeffrey should have been booted during the mother challenge. He is vile and paranoid. It's no surprise that he's friends with Santino but at least Santino was entertaining. I think the final three will be Uli, Michael and Laura. Uli and Laura needs to show more diversity in their designs. My vote is for Michael.

What was with Laura's mini- breakdown? Hormones?

lady t said...

I agree that Jeffrey should've been kicked to the curb after the mom show-his outfit for Angela's mom was hideous(not to mention his behavior!).

I didn't know that he was pals with Santino...well,birds of a feather and all that:)

Laura's been getting really cranky thse last few shows-maybe it's being pregnant or her true nature is starting to show. Hard to tell.