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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who should win on Designstar,Nip/Tuck and Project Runway makes a faux pas

I was so shocked by the judges' choice of winner for the conture challenge on Project Runway last night that it wouldn't surpise me to read somewhere this morning that they had gotten high on seamstress glue before the gowns came back from Paris.
How Jeffrey could win(for the second time in a row)with this fugly plaid number is beyond me. Vincent's dress was worse(I agree that the top half should've been reversed)but this gown looked like an oversized tablecloth that someone wrapped around their body and tied it with string to keep from going outside naked!

Uli was robbed,in my opinion. Her dress was stunning and proved that she's more than just a One Note Sally(unlike Laura,who sews well but her style is stuck in Blandsville). Kayne got jumped on quite abit for his golden girdle gown but it looked stylish to me(and the corset lacing in the back was witty). Poor Michael was really sweating this challenge but his dress wasn't as bad as he thought it was(and why did some joker toss an egg at it? Not cool,Zeus!). Hopefully,the judges will sober up for the next round.

The voting is over for HGTV's Designstar:after the final challenge last Sunday,America was given two chances to vote(online & text message) for the winner who will be announced this weekend. Yes,I voted for David. He's been a great contestant and really made the most out of his freestyle glass house design. Even the judges were wowed by the Zen bedroom he created(in Bryant Park,of all places!).

The strangest thing about this show is that both final contestants are really nice people-as much as I want David to win,it's hard to hate Alice. She's sweet and does have some good ideas(don't think the children's bedroom she dreamed up was well executed). In the end tho,David's the more creative person and I would love to see any show of his:

I'll be fair and let Alice say her piece(is it me or is her voice too high pitched at times?):

Nip/Tuck is back and things look rather interesting this season,with Sean and Julia about to have a handicapped baby(and she really should've mentioned it sooner to Sean,geez,haven't we gone thru the trust issues already here?)and Christian freaking out about his therapist's suggestion(I find it odd than Tom Cruise felt the need to make amends with Brooke Shields before her debut in this role aired)that he might love Sean in more than a brotherly way. It's not totally out of the realm of possibility,given the character's personal history but I do hope the subject is truly explored and not just played for laughs(that line about Christian's newly "butched up" apartment"Why is there a huge dick in the corner" cracked me up).

Other plot developments include the practice being sold(with Christian and Sean still working there)and coming soon is Matt being lead astray by Kimber into the clutches of Scientology(gee,what will Tom Cruise think of that?). I'm also curious by some of the preview clips that have the Big Bad from Season 1,blackmailing drug dealer Escobar flashing his tats. He was neatly disposed of so perhaps he's just a hallucination? Makes me want to watch even more.

Random Notes:

During the Nip/Tuck premiere,there were plenty of promos for The Dirt starring Courtney Cox(dropped the Arquette,I see. What's up with that?)as a tabloid magazine editor. The ads look stylish but will the show be worth watching? We won't know until January when it makes a mid-winter debut.

Another season of Bravo's Top Chef will start up in October which fills me with joy. The first season had spice and sparks were flying between the chefs in and out of the kitchen. If we're lucky,Season 2 might give us a delicious bon mot of an insult that'll look great on a T-shirt as this zinger does:


PJS said...

Re: Design Star, I CAN'T WAIT to see what happens this Sunday. I voted for David twice every day between Sunday and Wednesday (once a day on the site, once a day via text, which is perfectly legal).

Only PART of the reason I love David is impure. I honestly think he's the brightest talent. As you say, though, Alice is a close second, and she's extremely nice and seems genuine. What I'd REALLY love to see is Alice as David's co-host... wouldn't that be a sweet ending?

lady t said...

You know,I can see him doing that,and maybe having Tym or one of the other DS folk on as guests. Would that all reality competition shows end so sweetly:)

Pop Culture Diva said...

As far as Project Runway, I agree that Uli was robbed. She seems to always come close to winning the challenge. I think the final three will be Michael, Uli and Laura. I'm rooting for Michael.

PJS said...

I hate Tym. Mostly because of the "y".

lady t said...

I like Michael,too and think he'll make the Final Three-not so sure about Laura. She's been getting very snippy,especially about Kayne and even tho Laura is the best seamstress,it looks like her conservtive style might knock her out of the running next week.

Uli should be in the Final Three along with Kayne(he's my underdog!).

Re:Designstar's Tym-he is rather stubborn,with or without the "y":)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I finally just watched the tape of Project Runway, and you're totally right--Uli was unbelievably robbed. That gown was beautiful, and I was so impressed to see her move away from her weird color and pattern choices. And Jeffrey's gown was just weird. That was the oddest outcome I've seen so far.

Michael, Uli, Kayne please.

lady t said...

Thanks,Robin-the more I think about,the more I'm convinced the judges were either high or just want to keep Jeffrey around abit longer for some drama(which they'll deny,of course).

I love what Uli does with patterns but it's nice to see her work with a solid color and create such effortless elegance-it was more chic than Laura's ruffled collar number(black wool? Sounds very itchy to me.)