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Monday, November 06, 2006

Borat becomes blockbuster film;very nice! high five!

Borat:Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan(had to write that out atleast once)was the"surpise" hit film this weekend,reaching the top of the box office charts with $26 million dollars. I wasn't as shocked as some of the folks who keep tabs on Hollywood hitmakers since I've been seeing the major fan love that has been building up for Sasha Baron Cohen's character all over the place and many new fans have gleefully joined in,thanks to YouTube clips from Da Ali G show like this one:

I went to the first showing of Borat in my area on Friday(with Little Sister,who has been counting the days until it opened)and it was a rather large audience for an early afternoon matinee on a work/school day. The very loose plot of the film has Borat making a cross country documentary of American culture for his homeland of Kazakhstan,with California as the highpoint of the trip due to Borat's desire to
meet and marry Pamela Anderson. Most of the interaction in the movie is with real people who are unaware that Borat is just a comedic character and make very revealing remarks at times that are worse than any of the rude and racist statements that Borat utters with wide eyed innocence.

One of the best things about SBC's creation is how he shows the incredible condescending nature of folks towards visiting foreigners;many treat Borat as an ignorant child and put up with behavior that would get you kicked out of a hot dog stand:

20th Century Fox decided to cut down the number of theaters that would debut the Borat movie on Nov 3,from 1,500 to 800(the film will be in even wider release by the upcoming weekend)due to worries that not enough people were aware of it,despite the internet hype. While that's a legit concern(see Snakes On A Plane),they should've realized that this character already had a good cult following to begin with.

While the Borat film may definately not be everyone's cup of tea,the movie is on it's way to becoming one of the major comedies of the year. If you do see it in theaters,hopefully you'll get to see either the trailer for Reno 911: Miami or this knee-slapper of a film,Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny,beforehand:


Pop Culture Diva said...

I can't wait to seet this film. Borat is hilarious.

lady t said...

Welcome back,PCD! You'll love this movie-it totally cracked me up.