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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Heroes recieve a new member to the team,South Park and TGI Friday's Top Chef

On Heroes this week,Niki's husband D.L. finally turns up,on the run from the cops and apparently has a superability of his own,a very Kitty Pryde one. D.L. is played by Leonard Roberts,who is best known to Buffy fans as Riley's Inititive buddy,Forrest, who was monster mashed by the end of Season four and has recently been seen on Smallville as a rogue Kryptonian both this and last season.

It looks like he's going to be around for abit here(that fight he had with Mirror Maiden Niki rocked the house)and that's good news,in my opinion. Any character with the conflicts he has(trying to prove his innocence,being on the run from the law with his son,not to mention the whole "wife with evil alter ego" deal)should make for some interesting plot points:

Top Chef's big challenge this week was to create a entree for TGI Friday's menu. The winner gets their dish added to the TGIF's kitchen offerings in locations thru out the country. This brought out the snob in a few folks,particularly Marcel and Emily. Emily annoyed me right away in the Quickfire Challenge,which was to create a unique ice cream flavor and have people taste test at the beach. She sniped about having to serve it up to"bratty kids" and when one woman mentioned that her chocolate lavender ice cream seemed sugarless,she snapped that someone with such a "fat ass" shouldn't be concerned about sugar! Hey,there-ice cream is supposed to be sweet and if you don't like the heat,stay out of the Kenmore kitchen!

Emily wound up losing the TGIF challenge,for oversalting her surf & turf dish to the point where it was inediable-brillant move,Ms. Fine Dining! Also,part of the challenge was to make a twist on a childhood favorite that winner Betty did very well with her Bada Bing Betty grilled cheese& portobello sandwich with red pepper soup. Betty is starting to grow on me;she's been doing well so far(along with Cliff)and doesn't take any crap off of Marcel,who whimpered and whined about the fryer not being hot enough for him to make onion rings and then razzed Betty when she had trouble getting her grilled cheeses to melt. What a jerk.

South Park has been going great guns this season and last night's Part I of Go,God,Go Part II looks to be a classic,with Ms. Garrison(anyone else miss Mr. Hat like I do?)refusing to teach evolution until hooking up with atheist Richard Dawkins and Cartman being so impatient for the Nintendo Wii to come out that he has himself frozen,only to wind up being thawed out 500 years later. I loved the nifty Buck Rodgers opening credits riff that they did(probaly one of the few folks who still remember and dig that show)and that sea otter's line: "Know this time-child; I shall smash your skull like a clam on my tummy!"

Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: Well,Christian escaped being kidney-napped twice,thanks to Michelle,the little miss"I'm not a murderer" who let her ailing husband crawl to his death on the stairs-icy cold,that gal is! Alanis Morissette made her debut on the show as Liz's new girlfriend,Poppy,who insists on remaking Liz into someone that suits her idea of a perfect mate. Poppy's a real piece of work,demanding that Sean and Christian do even more slice and dice on Lizzie than she already asked for while still being under the knife. I hope that Liz wakes up in time to kick her to the curb.

Meanwhile,Julia and Marlowe's love affair heats up(those scenes that showed what a leg lengthing operation would do to Marlowe gave some Saw flashbacks!)and Sean's not without some suspicion. Next week,Matt and Kimber turn up pregnant(when did she sleep with him,I'd like to know!)and a blast from the past,Escobar from Season 1 shows up for some blackmail surgery.

Ugly Betty: Too bad Betty decided that she's not a "flitter"and went back to that jerk Walter instead of taking Henry from the third floor out for a spin(how can you resist a guy who does a Clark Kent/Superman costume so well?). She's got more trouble on her plate after her dad's big announcement about his HMO probelms and lack of a Social Security number,not to mention keeping a moral eye on Daniel. Judith Light was great as his drunken mom and hopefully she'll be back.

Tonight,Salma Hayek(aka UB's major producer)stops by and sparks some romance with young Mr. Meade. Here's a clip of some of the highlights of the Halloween episode:

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