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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Meal of Musical Melodies

Here's a few clips of holiday musical moments,to play in the background as you start serving up the bird tomorrow or working on that special secret stuffing recipe tonight. Hey,it's either this or Madonna humping boomboxes on NBC,pick your poison!

First up,an SNL Classic:

Next,some Ugly Betty on Broadway:

And a taste of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving theme:

To spice up the proceedings,here's s serving of Phantom of the Paradise Roast Beef Prima Donna,with a side order of Phoenix's Old Soul Souffle:

To clense the palate,try this dish from Somewhere That's Green:

And for the vegetarians/vegans in the house,here's a platter of Mean Green Mother From Outer Space:

Finally,for dessert,we have a Beauty & the Beast Banquet:


PJS said...

I tiptoed back into BlogVillage just long enough to say Happy Thanksgiving! Pleased to see a clip of my favorite LSOH song posted here on the day of thanks.

Hope you have a great holiday!

Robin Brande said...

Cute! Thanks for the feast. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, LT.

lady t said...

Glad you guys liked it(and happy to see PJS send us some greetings from Helsinki:)and hope you all had a happy Turkey Day.