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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some Pop Culture stuff to be thankful for

I was going to write this on Thanksgiving Eve but ten to one,most of you will be raiding the local grocery store for that last can of cranberry sauce or those special rolls that your family always has,so what better time than the present to go over those A&E items to be grateful for this season.

Yes,it's traditional to count your real life blessings(home,work,loved ones)and a very good thing to do but why not consider a few other bonus items in your retrospective? Whether it fills your cup to the brim or balances out your uneven load in life,Pop Culture adds some much needed spice to day-to-day existence.

Let's start things off with this sentence: Let us be thankful for:

... The OJ Simpson book and TV special being canceled and for the Laugh Factory's ban on Michael Richards after his vile racist tirade onstage. Many folks are saying that the OJ recall is due mainly to Rupert Murdoch(who issued an apology to the Brown and Goldman families)not wanting to take such a financial hit over this but so what? No matter why it was done,the right thing is the best thing to do.

As for Kramer,that whole "I'm not really a racist" line didn't work for Mel Gibson and he has way more box office clout than you do.

...Another great Harry Potter film to arrive next summer,The Order of the Phoenix. After seeing this teaser(as well as the new Spiderman 3 trailer),July of 2007 can't come soon enough for me:

...Heroes,which not only gives me a reason to watch NBC but inspires both comic book fans and their opposite numbers to unite together to groove on this show. So far,the cheerleader has been saved(for now),but will the world? Will Hiro return from the past in time to help avert the destruction of New York? Also,are we really going to see who Sylar is? I don't care if it's Sean Bean or Zachary Quinto,we need to see Sylar already!

Regardless of these and many other questions,I am so glad to have such a smartly written and well cast sci-fi fantasy program to keep me on my creative toes. Just stay the course,NBC,and us true believers will tune in at the same Bat-Time,same Bat-Channel!

...The Little Mermaid to finally come on Special Edition DVD. Disney is both evil and smart to release their big league animated classics for a limited time only which makes having this film now available in a sparkling two-disc version extra
sweet. TLM was the film that launched a nice mini-renaissance for Disney musicals,giving us not only such animated delights as Beauty & the Beast,Aladdin and The Lion King but some decent Best Song Oscar nominees and winners.

...Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen,to do so well on the bestseller lists and prove that good writing can be successful out there. Other good books to be happy for this year are Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl,An Alphabetical Life by Wendy Werris,Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by Gordon Dahlquist and The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.

Good books are also on the way for 2007,with such gems as Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra,Fangland by John Marks(a modern re-telling of the Dracula story that mixes in some media satire)and Evolution,Me and Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande,which looks to be quite the YA must-read for next spring. Click onto Robin's blog,conveniently nestled amongst my blog links for your perusal,for more info and watch this space for reviews of Fangland and Sacred Games.

A shameless plug,but I am grateful to have a forum to shamelessly promote anything and to share fan love with all my fellow bloggers. So,have a Happy Turkey Day and hope that your family gathering is much more peaceful than this:

And this:


Robin Brande said...

What a surprise! I'll take the shameless plug. How sweet!

Hey, and you'll be happy to know that SOLELY because you've been talking about Heroes, I watched it for the first time last night. Can't say I understood it all--many characters, much back-story, I'm guessing--I loved how stylish it is, and I'm all for shows where people are having to discover and embrace their special powers. So thank you for forcing me to commit to yet another show. But I guess I have room in the lineup now that Lost won't return until February and Project Runway is done for now.


lady t said...

So,I hooked you on Heroes,huh? MUHHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!!!! My evil work never ends:)

Seriously,if you want some more background info on the show,my best recommendation is to try either the official NBC website(there's even a graphic novel based on the show's characters that can give you plenty of insight) or Television Without Pity. TOP has a special forum just for the show and I've always found their recaps to be amazingly accurate.

Glad you like your shameless plug:D

Pop Culture Diva said...

Heroes rocks! My husband has all of the episodes on TiVo. I'm not into science fiction but this show has me hooked.