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Thursday, November 30, 2006

TAR Beauty Queens nearly bite the dust,an unmerry Nip/Tuck Christmas and Veronica Mars

On The Amazing Race,Dustin and Kandace were the last team to arrive at the Pitstop but lucky for them(unlucky for the home viewers),they were not eliminated but as David and Mary were twice before,marked for it if they are not the first team to make it on the next leg. I can't stand those girls;they are sneaky little numbers and nasty to boot. After Yielding Team Alabama(Lyn & Karlyn),they noticed on the way to the next clue that Rob & Kimberly had a flat tire and thought it would be great not to let them know.

Really nice,ladies-you do know that it's dangerous to be driving on a flat now,don't you? Yes,you're competing with Rob & Kimberly but they have been your friends during this race(even tho they don't trust you and I don't blame them at all)but it wouldn't kill you to help someone out here. Also,stop calling Lyn & Karlyn"The Sistas"! Everyone else either refers to them as 'Bama or the Lyns and the way the two of you say "Sistas" is very bothersome. Just remember,Karma's a real bitch,girls and you are evil blondes,in my book!

One mystery ended on Veronica Mars(tag team rapists,who knew?)and another one began as poor Dean O'Dell wound up with a bullet to the brain. Ed Begley,Jr was a nice addition to the show but as regular VM fans know,celebrity guest stars usually come to bad ends in Neptune. Glad to see Mac back(that STD shirt was too damn funny)and Wallace working with Phiz to help Team Veronica at the frat party.

As to who shot the Dean,my money's on the cheating professor and/or his creepy TA. Ten to one,the feministas who kept up the egg tossing will be looked at first but will probaly have some sort of alibi. I know all the LoVe shippers are sad about Logan breaking up with Veronica but I think she's better off. That guy has too many issues(it was cool of him to get placed in the holding cell with Mercer & Co for some sweet backpay for attacking her).

This season's Christmas episode of Nip/Tuck was perverse,to say the least. Sean's
drunken Santa was the highlight of the show-my favorite line of his"You want Santa to bring you diabetes for Christmas!". Not to mention getting his North Pole serviced by the elfish"Ho,ho,ho!" So wrong and yet so very Nip/Tuck. Things started to look better for Sean when Reefer,the drunken homeless man,helped him snap out of his Leaving Las Vegas funk(Sean sure attracts some strange spirit guides)but that became a horrorshow when James decided to use poor Reefer as an organ donor buffet.

The scenes for next week hint that little Wilbur(another Season one character pops up again! What is this all leading to?)may be a target for James' chopshop. I have heard that it's Wilbur's mom,Gina,who grabs him up instead. I certainly hope so-not that I want anything bad to happen to him(the reunion scene with Christian and Wilbur was so touching and sweet)but I'd rather chose the lesser of two evils here. If that kid gets hurt,Christian needs to choke a bitch(and her name is Michelle!).

Random Notes:

Heroes: We learned alot about our superpowered friends this week,particularly the deadly Sylar aka Gabriel Gray. Zachary Quinto(last seen on So NoTorious)plays him rather well as this desperately insane soul who'll do anything to be "special." I've always thought that Sylar's motivation was a twisted version of Highlander-"there can only be one!"-and so far,my theory seems to be quite close:

The Hiro/Charlie romance was so bittersweet;despite all his time travels,Charlie was doomed to die anyway. The paper cranes bit was beautiful and I wish that the two of them could've stayed together. Next week's preview is certainly promising us plenty of bang for our buck:

America's Next Top Model: Even with the ousting of Anchal,my sister and I are still watching this show to the bitter end. We agree that Melrose shouldn't win(even my mother who's not a regular viewer doesn't like her either!),that girl is a total suck-up phony. Hey,Tyra-whay did that pool had to be so cold that Caridee nearly went into shock? I know that modeling sometimes requires you to be out in the elements wearing clothes that could make you sweat or freeze but this was a swimming pool,not a lake or pond where you can't adjust the water temperature!

I am too cranky this week,with these shows. Perhaps a nice episode of Ugly Betty tonight(since Smallville is in rerun land)will take the edge off.


Pop Culture Diva said...

Hiro is becoming my favorite part of Heroes. He's adorable and funny.

ANTM always makes me laugh because the find the smallest thing to pick on with the models. Caridee told them when she became uncomfortable but was then attacked for not saying something sooner. I suppose she felt fine earlier. Had she left the pool earlier, they would have said she didn't try hard enough. Who says models aren't drama?

lady t said...

Yesp,those models are damned if they do,damned if they don't. One of the main reasons I watch ANTM is to see if I can spot the clips that'll be mocked on The Soup by Friday:)