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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All These Songs Should Make Me Happy To Hear Them Again

Last night,on the Nip/Tuck season finale,there was a montage of angst towards the end as the cast members lipsynched the song"Brigher Discontent" by the Submarines to showcase their inner emotional pain. It came right out of the blue(along with a few other things that I'll get into with tomorrow's Tv post)and was beautifully done by all. Unfortunately,the band hasn't made an official video for the song yet but please click the title link and then select from the audio list to hear Brighter Discontent.

You can also view the band's video for the song "Peace & Hate" there as well. It's cute but Brighter Discontent is the shining star of the lot,trust me on this one. If someone makes a YouTube clip of that Nip/Tuck singalong,I'll post it but atleast listen to this delightfully melancoly song,I beg of you!

Speaking of YouTube,they do have some music videos that have been making my toes tap lately,like the new Gwen Stefani number"Wind It Up". Others may try to ape her style but you can't fake true hipster vibes,no way Josie!

Little Sister introduced me to Utada Hikaru and this rendition of Green Day's Blvd of Broken Dreams hits an emotional level that's more touching than the original:

And finally,this blast from the past comes courtesy of Sheena Easton.

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