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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Heroes Fall Finale,the Next Top Model and Top Chef's Beach Breakfast Bingo

Top Chef had the contestants cook an early morning breakfast for"mystery athletes"(who turned out to be surfers) on the beach,using fire pits to cook their dishes. The chefs were not told where or what kind of cooking area would be available to them beforehand,so improv was an important part of this elimination test. Frank had planned to make a quiche but not having a stove,he tried to whip up some omelets instead. That didn't work out and his eggs were so bad that judge Gail went on the warpath-that gal really loves her eggs!

Frank wound up being knifed and kept his cool about it but was clearly pissed in the after comments. Another egg dilemma occured when Michael realized that he had forgotten to pack the eggs for his dish when he went thru his ingrediants. It was nice to see Betty be the first to offer him some of hers and others give him a few of theirs. Elia won the challenge with her"Organic Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner"(sometimes,I think these chefs think more about naming their dish than makin it,as Sam did over his failed"Green Eggs and Sam" which was morphed into a Toad-in-the-Hole when the eggs turned grey from the pesto)and all of the remaining ladies in this contest were in the Top Three. Hate to say it but women wind up cooking more breakfasts than men so it's not surpising that the ladies truimphed here(raising shield to ward off rotten veggies tossed my way).

And America's Next Top Model is...CariDee! Thank the fashion deities that Melrose the Moody did not win(all her whining at the end about"and they called me a bitch every step of the way!"-well,maybe that was because you were one,dear!).I liked the Gothy fashion show and I'm sure the guys at The Soup are debating over which clips to use; Ms. Jay's scary turn down the runway or Tyra's mockery of CariDee's freaked out face during the big runway finale.

Heroes had it's "Fall Finale"(another way to say"Major Cliffhanger",IMO)that brought new questions and answers. Some of my theories have been bolstered about this show while new ones pop up,such as :

Mr. Bennet is the one who can block powers,which is why he went to speak to Sylar alone. The Silent Haitian(who is not a mute and does have some sort of agenda of his own)can only affect memory and knock people out. Just listen to what Mr. B tells Sylar about the abilities of others here:

Peter is not the one who will blow up NYC;like his earlier dreams about being able to fly(which it turns out to be Nathan's power),he's seeing the event partly thru Ted,aka Mr. Radioactive,who we met a few episodes ago. Peter's psychic dreams may have been passed on to him from Simone's father,who Peter did spend alot of time with and they both dreamed of each other before he died.

Also,if Niki thinks that going to jail will keep her evil self at bay,she's more delusional than I thought. Yeah,let me get put in a place where violence is an everyday occurance and my overprotective superstrong alter ego will just chill out. Is it just me or when the SH told Claire about wiping her mother's memory"so many times",I got a Men In Black flashback-"How many times have you flashythinged that woman?" It's going to be hard to wait for Jan.22 for a new episode but I think we can make it thru together.

Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: Glad to see that Wilbur survived,so far(Gina's snatching him up was certainly a better alternative than James putting him on the chopping block).Loved the Kimber Xenu moment(thank you for finally tweaking Scientology's nose there,people!)and the last moment arrival of Escobar who gives Michelle the bad news about being James' replacement. Guess those wedding plans might be trickier than expected! Next week is the big finale which looks to be quite the water cooler hot topic of discussion:

Gilmore Girls: Logan was such an ass to blurt out that whole Rory-Marty business at dinner-jealous much,dude? This only reinforces my belief that guys named Logan are trouble(and yes,that includes Wolverine!). I hope Rory can patch things up with Lucy,she's a fun character. Speaking of patching things up,perhaps Christopher and Luke will mellow out after that battle royale they had in the town square(silent fights are rather attention holding,aren't they?)

Ugly Betty: With a new episode of Smallville tonight,I'm going to have to catch up with UB online but wasn't that whole Henry deal last week heartbreaking? She so needs to be with him. Why did Hilda have to toss that message away,why? Walter is such a drain on Betty's potential and that calendar as a final gift,so blah! I even felt sorry for Amanda with her devotion to Daniel:


Anonymous said...

Lady T, as you know, I am watching Heroes now solely because of your recaps, which made it sound so fascinating. I've now watched only the last three shows. Will I ever understand?

lady t said...

A good way to catch up Heroes is to go to the NBC website,where you can watch past episodes for free(I don't know if you get the Sci-Fi Channel but they also show reruns of Heroes as well). You can also check out the recaps on Televison Without Pity and there's a whole section of Wikipedia devoted to Heroes lore.

I know you're busy with other stuff but with the show being on hiatus until 1/22,there's plenty of time to catch up!