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Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Movie Award Show Clip Time!

The film award show season will be soon upon us and like my good blogger buddy,Pop Culture Diva,I consider the Oscars to be my Superbowl. One thing about many of those shows is the shared use of film clips to highlight the nominees. After awhile,you know what movie moment you'll be watching before they read the name of the actor or film.

So,what clips should we get used to seeing a zillion times over? Here are a few of my best guesses:

Little Miss Sunshine

This movie has already garnered some noms at the Independant Spirit Awards and should headline many of the Best Films of 2006 lists(and rightly so,in my opinion). While all the actors in this movie were top notch,don't be surpised if Alan Arkin gets a nod for his feisty junkie Grandpa role. He was a wonderful breath of fresh air,especially in scenes like this with Abigail Breslin:

Superman Returns

Action movies(particularly comic book based ones) usually get overlooked for the major prizes but are thrown a few bones in the technical catagories. So,chances are that this midair rescue bit will be featured alot:

However,if by some odd quirk,Kevin Spacey lands an acting nom for his wicked take on Lex Luthor,this clip of his mythology lesson will display his talents nicely:

The Devil Wears Prada

DWP is undoubtedly a shoo-in for Best Costume and many folks are talking up another acting nom for Meryl Streep here and deservedly so. This verbal essay she gives Anne Hathaway on the color blue will give those in the home viewing audience who haven't seen the movie a taste of why she should be recognized:

V for Vendetta

Again,another action/comic book film that will only be remembered for F/X. Such a shame-yes,the costumes and visual styling of the movie were great but the intelligence and creativity of the plot,along with amazing performances from Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving truly deserve to get some merit from their peers as well:

The Da Vinci Code

Before you go"Yeah,right!",just remember the one thing all the critics agreed upon about this flick: Ian McKellan's performance as Sir Leigh Teabing rocked. McKellan's been doing alot of genre films and while they may not want to honor him for being Magneto or Gandalf,the nominating commitees won't have any hesitation on giving him props for this:

Snakes on a Plane:

A long shot,I know,but if Johnny Depp can get a Best Actor nod for a Keith Richards impersonation,anything's possible. Besides,it would be criminal to overlook Samuel L. Jackson for saying one of the greatest lines in movie history:


Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE that scene you showed from Little Miss Sunshine. I sobbed my little eyes out during that scene when I saw it in the theater, and it can still get me all teary.

Also loved that DWP clip. That scene has stayed with me long after the movie.

Thanks for getting us in the mood for Oscars! I agree it is one of the more fab events of the year.

Pop Culture Diva said...

I just saw Superman Returns this weekend. Kate Bosworth was miscast. She looked way to young. Steve Carell and Toni Collete could collect nominations. They may be more Golden Globe or Screen Actors Guild nominations instead of Oscar noms but the recognition is still good.

lady t said...

Little Miss Sunshine should be well rewarded this season;I like that the Golden Globes have the Comedy and Drama catagories separate for the film noms. It seems much more of a fair race that way.

Kate Bosworth wasn't my favorite choice as Lois Lane(Jennifer Connelly might have been better)but she was tolerable. I'm just glad they didn't cast Parker Posey as Lois!